Promotional Magnets

Savor the savings and publicize your brand with promotional magnets from Save On Promotional Products. Sharp new construction and printing techniques inspire superior and diverse designs for specific business types or campaign themes to augment your next promotional campaign. Spread your message or publicize your brand with a dynamic magnetized business card or boldly advertise your brand or identity on a car door magnet. The kitchen is often the center of home activity so having customized magnets on the fridge door makes a statement while doing their magnetic job on the artwork and messages.  Though you don’t want to over-crowd your imprint space, it will usually house your company name, address, phone number and electronic address. Also promotional magnets of all sizes and unique shapes used extensively in restaurants, reality offices, scholastic, medical and financial organizations and you can’t go wrong with customized magnets highlighting professional or scholastic institutions and teams. Your choices at our prices—a winning combination.



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Promotional Magnets Come In Many Shapes

Any business that wishes for success hopes that clients would be attracted to them like a magnet attracts metal. With promotional magnets, there is an irresistible pull that can’t be seen but can be felt. One of the easiest ways to help your clients feel that enticing attraction is by using them to market your business. That are smart items for a lot of different reasons – promotional magnets are cheap, unique, and work on a daily basis to promote your business.

Magnets have been around for a long time. In fact, the earliest description of a magnet that historians have found existed over 2500 years ago. Around the 12th century AD, magnetic technology was used in compasses to help navigate the world. Today, they are used for a number of different reasons, including advertising businesses with promotional magnets!

Stick Your Promotional Magnet Up To Hold a Reminder Message Or Fridge Artwork


History states that the first fridge magnet was created by William Zimmerman in Missouri in the 1970s. Mr. Zimmerman created playful, cartoon decorations that were intended to be on display. Today, the fridge versions have taken on a life of their own and have exploded into a multi-million dollar industry; an industry used to help other industries advertise. Due to the fact that promotional magnets are often used in the home and on the refrigerator, they can make  a powerful statement for your business. The kitchen is generally the center of every home, so promotional magnets on the fridge can be seen frequently by friends and family alike.

Fridge magnets may be small, but they are incredibly popular. The Guiness Book of World Records states that one individual had over 29,000 magnets as of 2002. Years later there is no doubt  the collection has grown. This is important to highlight the fact that they may be small, but they are important little promotional magnets for many people.

Inexpensive Promotional Magnets In Fun Shapes Sporting Your Brand

One thing to consider is that promotional magnets are incredibly cheap. You can order a thousand of them and not dent your budget much. Check out our inventory and see for yourself. Furthermore, they come in a plethora of different shapes. As such, they make advertising your business fun. Pizzerias can use a pizza slice to market their business, and doctor’s offices and hospitals can use a Band-Aid magnet to advertise theirs. Because there are so many shapes and color options, just about any company can get in on the fun and advertise their business using  colorful and unique promotional magnets.

While imprinted magnets aren’t super large, they still have a lot of imprinting space. Therefore, you can put just about all the information you want on your promotional magnet to help your business be more accessible to its clients. An average magnet can easily contain a logo, company name, address, phone number, fax number and website address. This information is great for your clients to have at their fingertips so that they never have any hesitation about calling your business when in need.