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Protect valued messages, documents or a presentation script.  Keep notes safe, secure, organized and easily transportable in a distinctively designed quality, attractive and rugged promotional messenger bag.  A promotional messenger bag is a perfect fashionable gift for guys and gals alike to entice . Our popular designs are impeccably constructed in genuine and faux leathers or man-made products with convenient compartments, pockets, zip closures and comfortably padded shoulder straps and handles for dry and safe delivery by guys and gals. Your brand or logo on a valued and long lasting promotional messenger bag is a welcomed client and employee gift with lengthy advertising exposure. Your brand or logo will be billboarded in a spacious very visible imprint area that will not only be seen by the recipient but by the many who will see it and start building a memory of it.  If you are a new shopper at Save On Promotional Products, you will find our pricing is formulated to be the best.

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Send Your Message With Promotional Messenger Bags

Promotional messenger bags are very simply designed to carry medium sized packages. The bags were initially created in ancients days gone by and have stood the test of time. Later versions were specifically designed back around the days of the Pony Express when messengers were given mail to carry across country. The Pony Express began in April 1860 and existed only until October 1861 and was only closed down because of their failure to win a central/northern mail route. Instead, the route was won by the Butterfield Overland Mail stage line, but they were also forced to cease, owing to the beginning of the American Civil War, when it became far too dangerous to continue.

Back in the 1950’s the utility linemen were given similar style messenger bags and those are only a slight variation on the modern version, used by mail carriers in the United Kingdom, cycle couriers and mail messengers. The 1950’s style bag was designed by the De Martini Globe Canvas Company, and were made with cotton canvas and had a special waterproof lining. During the 1970’s and 1980’s New York was teeming with courier companies and each were given their own colored messenger bags, still designed by Globe Canvas.  Check out our promotional messenger bags, all styles and features.

Popular Promotional Messenger Bags Fill A Need For Guys And Gals Alike

Messenger bags are now a popular style bag among many users, both male and female. Many fashionable accessory brands now design their own messenger style bags modeled on various other designs, such as the military map bags or document pouch bags. They have become popular as an advertising tool and the promotional messenger bags have evolved.  It  is large and flat, when empty, much like an old fashion attaché case or satchel. They have a large flap as the cover and they either zip up inside or around the flap. They are extremely durable and often waterproof, just like the old kind and have a long shoulder strap that the messenger uses to carry the bag when riding a bike. Most promotional messenger bags are now made from water resistant nylon and ballistic nylon, or vinyl tarp style material with PVC lining.

Crowd Pleasing Affordable Promotional Messenger Bags For Big Event Gifts

Because of the popularity of messenger bags, they are also used in many areas of life, such as marketing tools. Companies who need to promote themselves, whether they are newly established or long established, often rely on  promotional messenger bags  to entice new business and customers. The imprint area on the bags is a significant billboard for your logo which will not only be seen by the recipient but will also be seen by many more every time it is used. Businesses who attend trade shows on a regular basis also need promotional gifts to give away to visitors to their stands. Promotional Messenger Bags have become a popular gift choice for trade shows. They are notable items that the company has taken the time to think about, that represents them and the nature of  their work. They have thought about how to impress their customers and at the same time use their own logo or slogan so that the people who use them will remember the details of their business. The phone number and any pertinent information is printed on the bag so that customers can use it to remember them. For further information and the lowest market prices on zapromotional messenger bags, just get in touch with us.