Custom Padfolios

Custom Padfolios

Custom padfolios are guaranteed to always align with your business. That’s because nearly every business has a need for them on a regular basis. You’ll never have a client wondering in the back of their minds what they are going to do with custom padfolios. That’s because they are sharp, professional looking and incredibly useful. Take the guesswork out of wondering about which promotional item will work best for your business and order custom padfolios every time.

According to the Advertising Specialties Impressions Study completed by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 81 percent of promotional products were kept by the recipient due to the fact that they were deemed to be useful items. There are a lot of gimmicks out there reaching to get people’s attention, but the fact of the matter is that an overwhelming majority of people are interested in simple promotional items that serve a purpose. Certainly it doesn’t make sense to use your precious marketing budget on items that clients don’t like, and don’t want, as that will literally become money in the trashcan. That’s why promotional items like custom padfolios are so great. By choosing a beneficial item and aligning it with an important or key aspect of your business, you can make a greater impression in the long run.

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Custom Padfolios

Some examples of what we’re talking about above are handing out promotional golf balls the next time you take a client out to play golf. Sure, it doesn’t have to specifically do with your business, but it works because golf is a part of your relationship with your client. Another example would be to hand out custom padfolios to every customer that attends a conference. The idea is to make an impression and tie it to a memorable moment or key element in your business.

Custom Padfolios Are Very Useful

Not only do custom padfolios look nice, but they are useful products because they contain pockets and spaces to carry many of the essential products you might need at any given moment. There are pen loops to hold your favorite promotional pens as well as spaces for calculators, note pads, rulers and areas for your business cards, which is why they are a great item to have when visiting clients offsite. Depending on which style you choose, you will also have pockets to hold paperwork and important documents. The custom padfolios come in large and small options, and while they are spacious, they are not bulky.

Take A Look At Our Incredible Selection Of Custom Padfolios

Take a moment to browse our incredible selection of our custom padfolios. They will excite your clients and motivate your employees to work harder. Because the custom imprint of your company logo or corporate name is front and center, your clients and others around you will never miss the opportunity to become more associated with your business. The key is visibility, and with a large logo that will never be an issue. Simply stated, custom padfolios are a great investment for every business.

The question that has been asked over and over again is: what promotional items are the best? Our answer is simple, easy and never changing: The most successful promotional items are the ones that your target customers want to have and will use. That might seem like an overarching response, but the equation is really that easy. You must first think about who your target audience is and what kind of items you can see them using. For example, if you are a hip, trendy business that is targeting the 18-35 year old demographic, certainly it makes little sense to give them promotional walking sticks. While custom walking sticks are a fantastic idea in the right setting, it wouldn’t reach the hearts of young clients in the way that the company probably would have hoped for.

The Demographics Of Custom Padfolios

Of course, not every promotional item fits one target demographic. There are literally millions of items out there that all serve some sort of purpose. If you pick neutral items like custom padfolios, however, you will have a much better chance of providing a more overarching product. That’s because promotional padfolios are used in just about every single office out there. They are incredible items that are great to look at and even better to use.
Custom padfolios come with a number of different compartments that are designed to hold your supplies. Some even come with notepads and calculators include. Because they contain a writing pad that is secured on one side of the folio, all the recipient has to do is flip open the padfolio and start taking their notes. These are great tools to use for those that often find themselves in a situation where they don’t have a standard office setting or are out and about all throughout the day.

Custom Padfolios Are Well Constructed

That’s because the padfolios are well constructed and come with a sturdier area to write notes or sign contracts should a table or other hard surface not be available. Your employees and clients never have to look foolish working without a pen or other supplies when they use custom padfolios.
If you are interested in increasing your brand loyalty, selecting promotional items that are used often throughout the day is a good idea. We’re not only talking about custom padfolios but other office equipment like promotional pens, calculators, carpenter pencils, rulers and more. Your client will never be able to forget your business when they are using so many of your promotional items.

Remember that your clients are interested in forming real relationships with your company, so a gesture like passing out promotional padfolios is a very smart move for your business in a number of different ways. Your clients will thank you, and oftentimes that gratitude is reciprocated by years and years of working with your business.
Custom padfolios are a great way to do business and an even better way to increase your business!