Leather Padfolios

Leather Padfolios

Promotional items come in all shapes and sizes, but consider leather padfolios for a minute. When we open a bank account we might get a cute little check book wallet or cover with the banks name on it, or when we go and buy insurance will get a notepad with the company logo on it to take home. We like free gifts and we like it when people throw free stuff at as just for joining their company. It takes a great deal of imagination to come up with something fresh every time and new ideas can attract new customers and clients to your business.
Of course, apart from the cool free gift you also have to provide excellent service or a brilliant product, otherwise you will only be remembered for having great gifts. That’s not enough if you want to succeed in your line of business. So, what can you give your customers and clients so they can walk away feeling that they have had the best end of the deal? A leather Padfolio is a great idea because it contains everything a business person needs to conduct their daily work schedule.
Leather padfolios are a sort of cross between a portfolio and a pad, amazingly enough, kind of like a mini brief case without a handle. Inside the Padfolio you will find a calculator, a full size writing pad with lined paper, pen slots, business card slots, slots for papers and other cool compartments and items. The leather padfolio can be made from leather, microfiber or patent leather, among other materials, and can come in a few different forms and styles. Options are tri-fold, comprising of three leafs which close onto each other and each leaf contains different slots and compartments. Order your leather padfolios today!

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Leather Padfolios

Leather padfolios can also have double fold with only two sides, opening like a book. Open and closing options are a zipper, Velcro or a stud.  So, your company wants to create a customized version with your logo and name on it to give as a gift to your customers and clients. Your company colors might look great as part of the outer covers instead of black.

Leather Padfolios Can Be Decorated Many Ways

You might prefer your mascot on the leather padfolios or maybe an emblem or other ensign on the front or back and you might like to make the zipper, stud or Velcro closer in the company colors to contrast a black cover. The choice is yours of course and if you want something classy and trendy that you can offer to your clients, call our company and find out how low our prices are and how prompt our service is.

Leather Padfolios Are Easy To Carry Around

Because a leather padfolios are so light and easy to carry people tend to prefer them to briefcases. Legal companies can use them as gifts to their employees or clients, financial services companies could also benefit from them, as can banks, credit unions and real estate brokers. Pretty much anyone who has to make notes or add up figures when making a calculation would love such an item. Call us today to talk about leather padfolios.