Personalized Padfolios

Personalized Padfolios

Professional personalized padfolios are a common sight among business people, such as accountants, insurance sales people, financial planners and bankers. The padfolio is a kind of hybrid between an artists’ portfolio and a note pad. Inside a calculator portfolio you will find, obviously, a calculator, a notepad—usually with legal, mathematical or lined paper—a compartment for keeping letters and correspondences, a pen loop, and a couple of credit card sized wallets for keeping small items such as business cards. Most calculator padfolios are made from either a real leather or a faux leather casing and have either a zip shutter or a flap shutter. Most are also black, but they can be purchased in brown, tan or blue.
The importance of a personalized padfolios is its closeness to a brief case but without having to carry a cumbersome case around. A personalized padfolios slips neatly under the arm and can be carried around with ease. Most people who need padfolios are hurrying around between appointments and have little time to worry about carrying briefcases, attaché cases or other heavy items. They may grab the personalized padfolios  from their front car seat and hop into the next appointment to deal with their waiting customers and not think about other irritating items to have to take with them.

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Personalized Padfolios

The personalized padfolios are also a tremendously popular and useful gift to buy your friends and family as a Christmas gift. For those who are in the kind of business that requires some kind of equipment like a padfolio they might be desperate need of one, or a new one, if they have worn the old one out. Excessive use will wear them down in time and if they have become an essential part of their working day they will be extremely grateful to receive a new one.

Personalized Padfolios For Free Gifts

Businesses also like to use personalized padfolios as promotional items. They use them as free gifts to their employees who have to go out into the world and represent the company in a good light. They also give them to their valued clients and customers as free giveaways, either at their offices or at trade shows or expos.

Personalized Padfolios Can Be Embroidered, Debossed or Printed

The benefits of giving away personalized padfolios  are that they are attractive and useful gifts is that they can be printed, embroidered or embossed with your own company logo, telephone number, address and slogan, if you have one. They can also be covered in your own company corporate colors if needed and then handed out whenever you want to give one to a customer or an employee.

But Larger Quantities Of Personalized Padfolios And Save More

You may wish to buy these items in large quantities so that you have them to hand for trade show appearances or expos. If you buy a larger amount you will find that you will get them for a far cheaper prices than by just getting a few of them. If you are looking to use personalized padfolios as a marketing tool and want the lowest market prices, simply get in touch with us.