Custom Branded Carpenter Pencils

Custom Branded Carpenter Pencils

Did you know that the oldest known wooden pencil looked a lot like custom branded carpenter pencils and not the traditional shape that we use today for school assignments, coloring pencils and the like? Over time a more cylindrical pencil came into profile for everyday uses and pushed past its predecessor as being the new standard. The interesting thing is that the original pencils never actually went away, but were instead developed for use by construction companies, lumber yards and similar industries, and are used today as a very successful advertising tool.

Some people are unclear as to why custom branded carpenter pencils are used in those industries instead of the traditional pencils that are so common in every day homes. Doesn’t it make more sense to simply adopt one standard in our culture and move forward with it? The truth of the matter is that the standard yellow pencils are not strong enough to stand up to the rigors of a building company, carpentry work or mechanical and electrical jobs. That’s because their core is made up of a lighter, thinner lead that can easily break unless the surface is smooth. With custom branded carpenter pencils you never have to worry about your lead crumbling against the surface of a stone and brick. And because the cord lead is so much thicker, carpenters can easily see their marks on wood, sheet rock and other materials and not have to measure again or second guess what they had previously marked.

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Custom Branded Carpenter Pencils

See our custom branded carpenter pencils. The construction industry is a fast-paced business where quality matters as much as getting the job done within the allotted timeframe. That’s why they need to work with tools that are strong and will hold up no matter how tough the job is. With custom branded carpenter pencils you’ll always know that you will have tough tools at your disposal from the biggest piece of equipment to the smallest, hardworking pencil.

These Custom Branded Carpenter Pencils Are Flat And Never Roll

Plus, custom branded carpenter pencils are flat and will never roll off a roof or any other place that you positioned it. The elements often get in the way and a windy day can send your standard pencil rolling to who knows where. Your imprinted carpenter pencil will stay put and constantly advertise your business in the process.

Market With Custom Branded Carpenter Pencils

If you really want to take advantage of the benefits of promotional carpenter pencils then you should get in on the action no matter what industry you are working in. It may sound silly at first to suggest that a lawyer, for example, should use a carpenter pencil to market their business, but be assured that it isn’t. Not only will you get a lot of attention for your creativity and thoughtful gift, but you will be reaching out to a demographic that you might not do work with normally. So thank the crew that painted your building or reshingled your roof by giving them your custom branded carpenter pencils in return.