Custom Carpenter Pencils

Custom Carpenter Pencils

If you are looking for a great way to advertise your hardware store, construction company or painting or landscaping business, have you considered the benefits of using custom carpenter pencils?

Custom crpenter pencils have been around for ages and their flat design is one of the oldest types of pencils around. They are ideal for job sites because, unlike a regular pencil, they do not pose any safety hazards should someone accidentally step on one. Also, their flat design guarantees that the pencil will not roll away no matter the conditions. So whether you are working on a steep roof or a windy balcony, your pencil will stay exactly where it should be. Not only is this a safety practice that is ideal for those industries, but it helps your business as well as it guarantees that your logo will stick by the side of your clients and vendors for longer.

Custom carpenter pencils are also great items for no frill industries like those named above. When building a house or designing the landscaping of a campus, workers don’t have time to worry about schmoozing with their clients or vendors. They have work to be done! That’s the beauty of promotional products like imprinted carpenter pencils. They are useful and will be handled daily and therefore you can be certain that your logo will be seen by a large number of different people on a daily basis as well.

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Custom Carpenter Pencils

Furthermore, many times construction companies, for example, work hand in hand with other businesses to finish a project or wrap up a job site so custom carpenter pencils would be a natural to hand them out to project managers of other companies who are also working on the same job sites. Small steps such as that can help provide potential opportunities for more work in the future. When those companies move on to other job sites, they will continue to use your carpenter pencils and will therefore keep your business in the forefront of their mind. Perhaps the next time they need a business with your expertise they will remember your company and all because of a simple pencil!

Custom Carpenter Pencils Are Very Affordable

One great benefit of custom carpenter pencils is that they are incredibly affordable for any budget. Whether you are interested in natural pencils, pencils with colored lead, or bright, fluorescent pencils that can’t be missed, the prices are so low that you’ll be silly to miss out on such an investment. And if you are interested in only buying products that are manufactured in the United States, you can be certain that we have a brand that fits your needs and comfortably suits your budget. Best yet, our carpenter pencils are so reasonably priced that you can order more without apprehension and pass them out more freely. With all the custom carpenter pencils that you hand out you are helping to secure more business. This is the beauty of promotional product advertising!