Custom Printed Carpenter Pencils

Custom Printed Carpenter Pencils

Are you considering ordering custom printed carpenter pencils but you’re not sure if they will fit your promotional product needs? Let us assure you that though these pencils are smaller than other promotional items, they hold just as much weight.

Custom printed carpenter pencils are a must-have for painters, construction companies, hardware stores, landscaping businesses and the like. They are mainly used by companies that work on job sites and need the stability of a flat pencil that will not pose a threat if it is accidentally dropped on the ground. They also give peace of mind because they are designed with a rectangular body that keeps the pencil from rolling away in even the roughest of weather or the steepest of angles. That’s why they are a staple of so many hands on companies. If you are looking to target those companies for more business, or you are already working with them on a daily basis, consider using carpenter pencils to promote your services.

Custom printed carpenter pencils are constantly used by builders because they can easily mark on rough surfaces such as concrete or stone. The lead of regular pencils is not strong enough to mark something in those conditions and so carpenter pencils are solely used. All of our pencils are super tough and are designed to withstanding the harshest construction environments. Furthermore, they have a strong core that is built to stand up again heavy tools when sharing space in a tool bag. With your custom logo or company name imprinted on any of our pencils, you are also promoting that your company is strong and will survive whatever is thrown in its way. Your vendors will know that your products and services are reliable and will grow to trust you more.

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Custom Printed Carpenter Pencils

Custom printed carpenter pencils are also really great items for hardware stores that are looking for products to sell at a low price or include as part of a sales promotion. Consumers are always interested in buying products that come at a low price so they can stock up on them.

Custom Printed Carpenter Pencils Are A Great Giveaway

Because our custom printed carpenter pencils are already so cheap, you can sell them to your clients for a low price. These marketing maneuvers will attract a large group of people interested in them, and chances are they will end up passing them out to their coworkers and friends. They are also a great product to include as a giveaway for reaching sales goal totals. Promotional incentives such as that encourage your clients to spend more.

Custom Printed Carpenter Pencils Are Budget Friendly

We have a number of styles and pencil colors available. Our budget carpenter pencils are not only economical wood pencils, but they are also made in the United States of America. We have options made of natural wood, as well as hard lead and colored lead varieties. And you can’t miss our fluorescent pencils meant to stand out no matter where you are. Whichever you choose, be certain that all of our custom printed carpenter pencils are made of quality, durable materials.