Custom Wholesale Carpenter Pencils

Custom Wholesale Carpenter Pencils

Custom wholesale carpenter pencils are a unique promotional item because they aren’t used by every industry. They are, however, used on a daily basis by construction companies, landscapers, maintenance men, plumbers, lumber suppliers, carpenters and hardware stores just to name a few. But just because you happen to be in the service industry and don’t have a use for custom wholesale carpenter pencils doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them to advertise your business. Hear us out on why:

Every single company out there comes in contact with some business that works in an industry where carpenter pencils are used. Perhaps you used a construction company for your tenant improvements. Maybe you work with a landscaper on a weekly basis. Or perhaps you have to call in a maintenance man on occasion for odd jobs throughout your building. Whatever the reason may be, you have come in contact with individuals like this more often than you might have previously thought. And this is a fantastic thing!

Handing out promotional items that really target specific industries is a fantastic idea. It shows them that you will take the time to think about their needs and wants. It also displays to them that you aren’t acting in a generic way and passing out the same promotional items to every single one of your clients and vendors like custom wholesale carpenter pencils . Those gestures really do go a long way. By making a client, potential client or vendor feel special it helps them to really step back and think about all of the positive qualities your company must possess.

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Custom Wholesale Carpenter Pencils

Also, by building relationships with your vendors by handing out custom wholesale carpenter pencils, you are targeting a group that you, perhaps, hadn’t thought about before. A successful company finds ways to be at the forefront of as many minds as possible and this is a great way to stay relevant in industries that initially seem outside your circle. By doing so you are able to expand your client base as well as your company bank account!

One of the best reasons to order custom wholesale carpenter pencils is that they are so inexpensive. They are a no-frill tool and that helps keep the costs low. Therefore, you can buy hundreds of pencils without blinking an eye. And we’re seriously talking hundreds of pencils without breaking your advertising budget. This means you can easily ship your pencils oversees or pass them out to just about anyone you come in contact with and your bank account will never suffer.

Custom Wholesale Carpenter Pencils Come In Different Finishes

We have a number of different options available including natural wood finish pencils, fluorescent pencils in neon green, neon pink and neon orange, as well as red lead and hard lead items. Custom wholesale carpenter pencils are also available in a variety of colors so that you can select one that conforms to your company colors should you desire.

Custom Wholesale Carpenter Pencils From Save On Promotional Products

Order your custom wholesale carpenter pencils today and see for yourself the power in thinking outside the box and extending outside of your industry.