Discounted Carpenter Pencils

Discounted Carpenter Pencils

The typical style of discounted carpenter pencils is a rectangular or elliptical shape in order for the pencil not to roll away when the carpenter is using it. That is one way in which the discounted carpenter pencils differ from a regular pencil. Another difference is that the lead is also the same shape as the pencil itself, meaning that it can be used in a multitude of applications, and not just used by a carpenter. The nature of a carpenter pencil is such that it is often used by calligraphers, to create fancy old fashioned writing, because the lead can be shaped into a flat edge to writing in an Old English style. Artists often use them to create texture in their drawings and of course, because they can write on rough surfaces, such as concrete, grainy wood and stone, they can be used to write and draw on those too.

Because the discounted carpenter pencils are more robust than a regular pencil they are also useful because they don’t break as easily. The lead is denser and less likely to break under pressure of being dropped by its owner or user and it can be used to draw either thick, thin or double lines. The doubles lines can be drawn by notching the middle of the lead nib, creating two points and useful if you need to saw down the middle of two lines, for example.

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Discounted Carpenter Pencils

In recent years a new accessory has been developed to help sharpen the tip of discounted carpenter pencils. In previous times it was necessary to sharpen a carpenter pencil by using a sharp utility knife. This was because a regular pencil sharpener would not work on a carpenter pencil. However, now, there are sharpeners available, with rotating necks to hold the pencil in place while you sharpen. It is also a nifty little complementary gift that you could use if you decide to create custom discounted carpenter pencils as free promotional items to give away.

Discounted Carpenter Pencils For Your Giveaways

Promoting your own business by giving free gifts away is not a new concept. The idea of marketing by using giveaways has been around for decades and works extremely well to bring attention to your business. People give away free gifts as sign up welcome gifts, promotional items for a new product, employee rewards and incentives or customer gifts as a thank you. If you are looking for an idea to promote your business, company, product or service, why not consider the idea of discounted carpenter pencils.

Customize Your Discounted Carpenter Pencils

They are not expensive to produce and you can customize them with your own logo, colors, slogan and company details in a relatively easy way. For further information on how to achieve a good marketing tool at the lowest market prices, just give us a call or contact us and we will be glad to help you find exactly what you need to promote yourself with our discounted carpenter pencils.