Imprinted Carpenter Pencils

Imprinted Carpenter Pencils

A successful promotional product is able to target a specific need in an industry, or a number of industries, in order to reach as large an audience as possible, take our imprinted carpenter pencils is one such promotional item. Carpenters, lumber yards, maintenance workers, painters, mechanics, landscapers and more all use carpenters pencils on a daily basis. By promoting your business with these pencils you can reach a greater number of clients and vendors within that industry. That translates to more success for you which then translates into a happier bank account!

Promotional imprinted carpenter pencils are a must have for many professions. They have a flat, durable design which is manufactured in that way so that the pencil will stay wherever you place it. Regular pencils will simply roll off of a roof or can be easily blown away with rough weather. Plus, their design doesn’t create a safety hazard as well. If someone in a construction site accidently steps on a standard pen or pencil, there could be a possibility of fall. If someone steps on a carpenter’s pencil nothing is likely to happen.

Also, the core of carpenter pencils is durable and built to withstand a lot of pressure. The lead in a standard pencil is not strong enough to mark surfaces like brick and stone like a carpenter pencil can. As you can see, imprinted carpenter pencils have a special place in many industries.

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Imprinted Carpenter Pencils

If you aren’t a business that could use imprinted carpenter pencils but you know that your vendors and clients do, consider giving them imprinted pencils as a way to thank them for their services. Of course this doubles as a great promotional move as well.

Imprinted Carpenter Pencils Are A Fantastic Giveaway

Imprinted carpenter pencils are a fantastic way to get your company logo in the hands of more people for less money because they are incredibly cheap. See for yourself and we guarantee that you will be blown away by the number of pencils you can get within your budget. That means that you can pass carpenter pencils out at trade shows, conventions, seminars, and corporate events without giving it much thought. They really are one of the best ways to get a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Premium Imprinted Carpenter Pencils

If you are looking for imprinted carpenter pencils that you will never lose, consider our fluorescent options. We have neon green, neon orange and neon pink pencils that will never blend in to a construction site ever again. They will also get a whole lot of attention which is great for your company! Our standard options come in a variety of colors as well, and we also offer a premium quality pencil that contains a red lead center. These pencils are great for markings that need to stand out on a surface that would otherwise blend in with a traditional gray lead.

Imprinted Carpenter Pencils From Save on Promotional Products

Check out all of the options that we have available and order your premium imprinted carpenter pencils today.