Logo Carpenter Pencils

Logo Carpenter Pencils

Promotional logo carpenter pencils are a staple of many businesses. They are a must-have tool that is strong, fills a need that traditional pencils cannot, and they are designed for safety’s sake in mind. On the other hand, custom carpenter pencils are desired by so many because they are a perfect way to advertise a business due to the fact that there is always a need for them and that the logo stands out clear and large on the pencil. For both utilitarian and promotional reasons, these pencils are the way to go for many businesses looking to increase their visibility and strengthen relationships.

In the construction industry, or other fields that work in a similar nature, traditional pencils are too weak to hold up against the materials that they come in contact with. A standard pencil, the kind that a school kid would use, is built to be lightweight, with thinner lead cores, so that constant use does not put stress on the muscles in the hand. On a logo carpenter pencil the lead is thicker and protected by a solid wood outside. Because of this unique design, the pencil is tougher and can make thicker marks on concrete, wood, brick or any other medium that would likely tear up the thinner lead of other pencils.

The other great thing about promotional carpenter pencils is that the flat design helps keep work place injuries at bay. A standard pencil is constructed in such a way that allows it to easily roll against a surface. So there is very likely to be an accident should someone leave a traditional pencil lying around on the jobsite. Those same issues are not prevalent with custom logo carpenter pencils. As you can see, these tools have an important place in many industries and are essential to getting the job done effectively and safely.

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Logo Carpenter Pencils

Because logo carpenter pencils are needed and used by so many companies, it makes sense to tap into that market and pass out your own set with your company logo, name, phone number or whatever information is important to you. If your vendors are going to have to buy the pencils anyway, why not take the reins and do something nice for them while also successfully promoting your business? Surely no one will be able to forget your presence when they are reminded on a daily basis.

Brand With Logo Carpenter Pencils

Custom logo carpenter pencils are a fantastic buy for any company on any budget because of how inexpensive they are. No, really, we mean it. Take a look for yourself and you will be blown away by how affordable they really are. Doesn’t it make sense to invest in something that your clients already need and that will give you thousands of items for such a small sticker price?

The Benefits Of Logo Carpenter Pencils

Now that we’ve gone through all of the benefits of personalized logo carpenter pencils, we’re sure that you’re ready to order yours today. We have representatives ready to help you with your order!