Personalized Carpenter Pencils

Personalized Carpenter Pencils

One of the greatest characteristics of personalized carpenter pencils is their incredibly low price. For a small investment you can be equipped with literally thousands of pencils to help promote your business. There aren’t a lot of marketing products out there that are so cost effective and convenient!
Personalized carpenter pencils are used by companies like lumber and hardware suppliers, home improvement stores and homebuilders. There flat design and strong core creates a sturdy pencil that can write on brick, stone and other rough materials that would destroy the lead of a traditional pencil. That’s not the only reason though, as the round design of a standard pencil poses a safety threat for workers. Imagine if someone stepped on a traditional pencil while working on a roof. The results could be catastrophic. With flat pencils, that issue is never a problem.

Because personalized carpenter pencils are so important to many industries, they make fabulous promotional items for any company. Whether you are a carpenter and you want to promote your business or you are a service-oriented company and you want to thank your vendors and suppliers, the fact of the matter is that personalized carpenter pencils work fantastically at advertising your business.

As was previously discussed, personalized carpenter pencils are one of the most economical promotional items available. When you go to a trade show you will come across several hundred people who are all looking for a freebie from you.

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Personalized Carpenter Pencils

Don’t stress and don’t break your budget. Instead, order personalized carpenter pencils to freely and comfortably hand out to all in attendance. And because they are so inexpensive, you can order a greater number of pencils to insure greater savings. There will always be a need for custom carpenter pencils so you could store them away and always be prepared for a time when you need a promotional product at your disposal.

Personalized Carpenter Pencils In many Colors

The designs and styles of personalized carpenter pencils don’t vary as much as the color, and we have a large selection of colors available, including neon pink, neon green and neon orange. Those fluorescent options are sure to get a lot of attention at the job site. Plus, they are a great way to make sure that you never lose your pencil again! We also have a red lead option that is perfect for marking on surfaces that would otherwise blend in with traditional lead. And for those who believe that stimulating our own economy is very important, we even have pencils that are 100% manufactured in the United States.

Personalized Carpenter Pencils For Maximum Exposure

Your custom logo or company name is printed at the bottom of the long-lasting pencil to allow for maximum exposure time. Insure that your company is the first and last thing on your client’s mind by delivering them personalized carpenter pencils to promote your business. This will benefit your business in ways you perhaps never even imagined. Order yours today!