Printed Carpenter Pencils

Printed Carpenter Pencils

Printed carpenter pencils are one of the first pencils to ever be designed. Their flat design is perfect for construction companies, hardware stores, or maintenance workers that need a pencil for use on a daily basis. They are also fantastic promotional items because they are handled multiple times throughout the day. Make the most out of your advertising dollar and order imprinted carpenter pencils today.

Did you know that printed carpenter pencils are flat being that a traditional design wouldn’t be as safe on a job site? Someone could easily slip on a standard pencil and fall. With a flat carpenter pencil you won’t ever have those same worries. Plus, picture a roofer doing his job and setting a pencil down to fit something in place. Chances are a traditional pencil would roll to the ground. Carpenter pencils, however, will stay right where you placed them last.

Whoever first thought of imprinting their name on carpenter pencils really were marketing geniuses. They are items that are inevitably handled throughout the day over and over again. Make your company be the first thing your clients see when they start the day and the last thing they think about when they put your pencils away for the night in their tool bag. Promotional products have strength because they help keep a company name imprinted on the mind of the user, which helps a business stay relevant. Your client or vendor will know right who to talk to when they need help and are ready to spend money and look at printed carpenter pencils.

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Printed Carpenter Pencils

If you are looking for an item to send to your vendors but don’t know what would be the best item to send why not consider printed carpenter pencils? For such an incredible low price you can connect with a tremendous amount of people.

Printed Carpenter Pencils For Any Budget

So your vendors have 500 employees? That’s not a big deal when you hand out printed carpenter pencils. With us, you never have to worry about the cost of promotional products. We make them accessible to every company by providing items that are available on any budget. We want you to reap the rewards that promotional items bring just like the hundreds of happy clients that we have helped in the past.

Printed Carpenter Pencils In Many Colors

We have a variety of printed carpenter pencils available in nearly every color. There are fluorescent options as well as a design with colored lead. Each one is manufactured with durable lead that can withstand even the toughest project. They are built to stand strong in a tool box as well as alongside heavy tools that might easily snap a standard pencil.

The simple design of carpenter pencils is also to your benefit as your company name, phone number or logo will be easily seen by the user. There is also a substantial imprinting area that can include quite a lot of information should you desire it.

Order your printed carpenter pencils today.