Wholesale Printed Carpenter Pencils

Wholesale Printed Carpenter Pencils

A little about our wholesale printed carpenter pencils. The word ‘pencil’ comes from ‘Pincel’, the old French term for a small paint brush. It also originates in the Latin language with ‘penicillus’—meaning little tail—and artists’ fine brush. These were used as writing implements before the invention of pencils and other writing tools. Prior to writing tools people discovered a stylus which was made for actually scratching or etching details onto papyrus or to wax tablets. Stylus’s were used extensively by Roman scribes before the discovery of ink and dye.

Many sources say that as early as the year 1500 a huge deposit of graphite was discovered near Grey Knotts, England. The locals reported that graphite was useful for marking their sheep and that particular deposit of graphite was solid and pure. They began to saw it into sticks to use as markers. Initially people thought it was lead and it was named ‘plumbago’—Latin for ‘lead ore’ because chemistry was still in its infancy. Graphite became another source of riches to those whose land the graphite was discovered on and it was used to mold cannon balls. The King took over the mines and graphite became property of the Crown and was heavily guarded. Order your wholesale printed carpenter pencils today!

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Wholesale Printed Carpenter Pencils

In Germany, during 1662 an attempt was made to make writing sticks out of graphite that had been ground to a powder. Simone and LyndianaBernacottiare said to have created what would likely have been the earliest version of a carpenter pencil as we know it today. It was a long graphite stick which they encased in wood. The whole item was more elliptical or flat edged so that it would not roll away when the wholesale printed carpenter pencils placed it down after making their mark. It was created using two halves of a wooden case, the graphite stick was then put into the middle and the two halves were sealed shut with glue to form one piece.

History Of Our Wholesale Printed Carpenter Pencils

The American colonists imported similar pencils that had then been perfected, from Europe. In 1729 Benjamin Franklyn advertised in the Pennsylvania Gazette pencils for sale. George Washington was reported to have used a pencil measuring around three inches when he went to survey the Ohio Territory and a cabinet maker named William Munroe made the first American pencil in 1812 at his workshop in Massachusetts.

In 1858 Hymen Lipman, who placed the first eraser on the end of a pencil, obtained the first patent on pencils. He eventually sold the patent for $100,000 to Joseph Reckendorfer. He then ended up suing a company called Faber-Castell for copyright infringement in 1875. The Supreme court declared the patent as void and Reckendorfer lost the case.

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The wholesale printed carpenter pencils are now one of the most popular items used by woodworkers around the world. If you are looking to use the wholesale printed carpenter pencils as a promotional tool with your logo or details on it, get in contact with us for the lowest market prices.