Imprinted Javalina Pens

Imprinted Javalina Pens

One of the most important facts when considering imprinted Javalina Pens is that it’s one of the cheaper ways to make your mark in a promotional advertising campaign.  For a low investment you can handout or gift hundreds or even thousands of quality custom imprinted pens to clients, potential clients, employees, friends and throughout your community.  One Javalina Pen given to one person will begin engraining your identity in the mind of the one receiver so think of what flooding your client base and your community with your identifying imprint on hundreds or even thousands of pens will do to making everyone more aware of your presence and more importantly, making them all potential clients.  That is just mind boggling but an example of how promotional advertising can boost your recognition.  If a big event like a trade show or convention is on the horizon the Imprinted Javalina Pens are the answer for a useful client pleasing handout. Supplying your employees with such a quality writing instrument will impress them with your concern for their comfort and writing ease and they love displaying your brand or logo whenever using the Imprinted Javalina Pens at work or personally.  An added trick, keep a jar or bowl of your imprinted Javalina pens in the lobby or reception area for guests to just help themselves and take along, exposing your identity with every use.  Promotional advertising is endless and outstanding.

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Imprinted Javalina Pens

If you have not experienced advertising with promotional products, let us make you aware of just how powerful gifting and handouts can be to your future.  Everyone loves a Freebie,  something for nothing is great especially if it is a quality and dependable attribute.  We have a few helpful hints or tricks that historically have proven successes.  Know as much as you can about your target audience, their work and personal interests, their hobbies, and their activities to choose a product fitting for their inevitable uses that they will love.

Display Your Company Name With Imprinted Javalina Pens

Your imprint area should boldly display your brand or logo but be uncluttered with excessive message or graphic material to distract from your identity.  Never confuse cheap cost with quality.  We hand select the products in our collection to be sure they are high quality, long lasting and with a dependable service life and we have many of those in the lower price range.  Your clients will pick up on your commitment to quality and it will influence their feeling toward you and your company.  So, choosing quality is number one, choosing a proven quality item that will give an expected durable service life you can depend on, will get used frequently and successfully to the pleasure of the client resulting in a positive thought of you and your company.  A lesser product probably chosen for cost saving may be a very risky choice that could be disastrous to a business relationship and your advertising campaign.

Imprinted Javalina Pens Are Top Quality

The product may just get tossed due to poor performance and have a damaging influence on your business relationship.  Have a distribution plan, it is important to spread your imprinted Javalina Pens generously to clients, potential clients at big events and large gatherings whether or not business related.  It’s the perfect selection for trade show and any big event handouts or include one in a package of imprinted item for a more dynamic attention getter.  Get creative and distribute a supply of your imprinted Javalina Pens to a local charity or benefit for giveaways or prizes and you will be surprised how effective that generous gesture will promote your company.


You’ll not find a more useful and well used promotional advertising product than the Javalina Pens.  You will be proud to handout this attractive product displaying your bold imprint on the barrel and purchased from Save On Promotional Products at our super attractive lowest possible prices.