Printed Javalina Pens

Printed Javalina Pens

Probably the most important part about considering printed Javalina Pens is it’s such an inexpensive way get into to a promotional advertising campaign with our No. 1 best selling pens. For a ridiculously low investment you can flood your customer base, potential clients and employees with quality printed Javalina Pens.  Example:  One pen given to one prospective client triggers an identity recollection when a future need for your service arises.  Think of the impact flooding your trade show or any big event and your community with hundreds or even thousands of printed Javalina Pens improving your brand or logo exposure and making all the recipients your potential clients.  That is promotional advertising doing its job boosting your exposure and your more prominent recognition.  You will be impressed with the response from passing out printed promotional products at trade shows, conventions, seminars as is a common practice but go a step further and put a few in a bowl or cup in your reception area and at the local barber shop, spa, hair or nail salon, athletic club and so on. It’s endless and the results really are a significant pay off.

When you are considering whether or not to get your feet wet entering the promotional advertising business, be aware of how powerful acknowledging your clients, gifting potential clients and remembering your treasured employees with a gift can be to your future. They all love getting your Freebie,  something for nothing is an exciting prospect especially if it’s a quality and dependable printed Javalina Pen.

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Printed Javalina Pens

We suggest a few helpful hints that have historically proven successful when getting started in promotional advertising.  It is important to know as much as you can about your target audience, their work and personal interests and habits, their hobbies, and their activities to choose a product they will love and use frequently.  Target that audience choosing a quality product with long lasting usability they will take back home to refresh the memories of the important contacts they made with you.

Printed Javalina Pens Leave A Lasting Impression

Our top selling printed Javalina pens will leave a lasting impression that your recipients will love writing with while showing off your identity with its frequent use so quality is a first consideration. If the challenge its cost versus quality, choose quality every time, your reputation depends on it.  Having a distribution plan is essential.  If a trade show or convention is coming up, they will be a choice handout; inexpensive, easy to hand out for guys and gals alike; and used by all.  An office handout to those who stop by and leave with your remembrance of their visit touches the recipient.

Spread Your Image With Printed Javalina Pens

Thinking creatively, a bunch of imprinted pens given to a local charity will get your image spread throughout the community.  Keep the imprint area clean and easily readable.  Trying to cram too much info in the restricted space may interfere with visibility and the point is to be sure your identity gets seen.  When competitive companies are vying for a potential client’s business, the winner will most likely be that company willing to go the extra mile to please and impress the customer with a quality image reflected in any gifting that may be associated.   A valued quality product in a low price range lets your clients know quality and cost is also important to you  and influences your current and future business decisions. If you still aren’t convinced promotional products advertising is the way to go, give us a call and we will share our many experiences with you. Order your printed Javalina pens today!