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Your treasured clients and employees will be touched by your thoughtful caring when you pamper them with comforting Promotional Personal Care items. Shop with reckless abandon knowing you have thousands of quality products to choose and knowing we continue to add exciting new products as they are developed and shop confidently knowing Save On Promotional Products offers the best pricing available. We carry a full line of Spa and bath enhancements —personal creams, lotions, robes, candles, manicure/pedicure kits, and items to improve life in the car, home, office or workplace all imprinted with your identity. Promotional Personal Care items touch recipients in a special way leaving the memory of your thoughtfulness.  At Save On Promotional Products we are who we are and we would love to share our experiences which have turned into successful promotional campaigns and events for spas, athletic clubs, health and fitness gatherings, medical and dental offices.

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Personal Care Promotional Items Hit At Home

For most people, looking and feeling their best is a big priority. Having a clean and neat appearance and taking care of yourself in all avenues of your life has shown to be a common characteristic in successful people. Therefore, promotional personal care items make for fantastic giveaway items to show your clients and employees the way they feel is important to you.

In some cases, personal care items are most successful when they come from doctors and dentists. Dental floss is a common promotional product that has been used by dentists for decades. That’s because it is a fantastic product that works well at promoting a business. One of the reasons that it works so well is because dental floss is used at least once a day. Therefore, the logo branded on that floss is highly visible and, surely, that dentist will always stay relevant as a result.

Build Customer Relationships With Thoughtful Promotional Personal Care Items


The dental floss is only an example of how home promotional personal care items effectively work. The same goes for toiletry bags, make-up brush sets, hair brushes and mirrors, lint brushes, and wooden bath brushes, to name a few. These items are practical and usually accessed on a daily basis. A brand given that much attention has a far better chance of staying fresh on a client’s mind.

Not all promotional personal care items are only successful coming from health care professionals. Any and every single promotional product out there can be effective for any industry, with the right tagline or twist. It’s about being as creative as possible to get your brand in front of as many consumers as you can. That’s why promotional personal care items work so well.

Let Imprinted Promotional Personal Care Products Work For You

Many businesses opt to putting promotional personal care items and other amenities in their bathrooms to work for them. This is great: 1. It shows your clients that feeling fresh is as important to you as it is to them; and 2. It allows for a more visible logo. It is a common misconception that a company’s own promotional products are ineffective while being used in their place of business. Just because a client is already in your offices does not mean that you shouldn’t take the opportunity to continually introduce them to your logo in a variety of different ways. That client may or may not sign a contract with your company, but they will always walk away having been better introduced to your logo. A brand on the side of lotion is a subtle but strong way to advertise.

Promotional personal care items like aromatherapy kits, foot therapy kits, manicure sets, cosmetic bags, plastic massagers and spa kits are wonderful products because they help a client relax. All of the positive feelings that are stimulated as a result of your gift will be attributed to your company. A happy, relaxed and satisfied client has so many enduring benefits for you and your business.