Promotional Pet Accessories

Pampering pets and pet lovers is made easy with our hundreds of specialty promotional pet accessories designed to WOW your next pet-themed promotional campaign. We cater to cats and dogs, pups and kittens, birds, and fish with products to help keep them healthy and happy and all the necessities of pet life.   Publicize your custom imprint on any of the hundreds of pet apparel items, bowls and feeders, grooming and health items, toys, novelty items, any pet friendly items you can think of—collars, leashes, bones, scarfs or pooper scoopers. Spending on pets is at an all-time high so choosing promotional pet items for target groups like vets, animal hospitals, shelters, groomers, boarding kennels or any animal themed event or fundraiser would seem to be a no brainer. Our prices range in prices to fit any marketing budget and are happily received by pet loving recipients everywhere. Save On Promotional Products has trimmed prices to make our promotional pet accessories a very valuable marketing investment.

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Promotional Pets and Pet Lovers

Look to Promotional Pet products to touch the hearts of your client and employee animal lovers.  Our numerous pet selections include toys and essentials for the darling little kittens and pups and for the grown up cats and dogs that have become a big part of the family circle we have just about anything they could ever wish for. Spending on pets is at an all-time high so choosing promotional pet items for target groups like pet stores, groomers, veterinarians, and boarding kennels or even pet shows for items to handout to their clients seems like a “no-brainer”.

Promotional Pet Accessories Bring Joy to Pets and Pet Enthusiasts

Owners care deeply for their pets and reward them with promotional pet accessories.   They not only have their own trainers, groomers, and even walkers but owners want them to look good and smell good too.  They have their own beds, their own age defined food and some even have heating pads to ease arthritis aches and pains.  The special attention afforded our precious animals indicates a growing future for the pet industry and an industry our promotional pet items will thrive in.  Manufacturers have introduced great products that make the transition from animals living outside to being an intricate part of the family household.

If eating healthy is a family habit, it is a habit that will most likely benefit their animals as well. People do spend more on food than anything else except for an occasional high veterinarians bill.  Foods have become age and breed specific with vitamins and supplement additives.  The special foods maybe confusing but we have promotional pet dishes and water bowls in size appropriate designs and in man made materials, ceramics, and the ever popular stainless steel which is an imprinted item that will hang around for years.

Promotional Pet Accessories, Many Healthful Benefits Related to Pet Ownership

Our animals are such an important part of our lives and can only get better as owners are finding the healthy benefits closely related to ownership.   Beyond the responsibility learning factor for children  required to care for their animals, there are several other eye opening benefits.  Testing has proven they lower the risk of heart attacks.  Pet owners exhibit decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and recovering patients with an animal  experience an increased recovery rate.  Dogs particularly become personal trainers when taking their owner running, biking, or hiking regularly reducing the risk of obesity.  They also appear to combat loneliness and give a sense of purpose proving the animals value which should be reason enough to reward them with fantastic promotional pet toys, blankets, beds, bowls, flying discs, leads, collars, I could go on and on.  You will be pleased with the quality of our promotional pet accessories, we love animals too and provide only the best for them.

Promotional Pet Accessories Priced for the Big Trade Show Audiences

Knowing full well that household pets are not always cats and dogs, we have fish bowls and accessories among other items like bird cages and accessories, fish tanks, leads and collars, feeding bottles and bowls, and some time release eating equipment.  Give us a call, we know you will find the perfect promotional pet accessories to please your treasured pet friends.