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A quick glance at a desk photo showcasing beloved family, pets, or athletic and scholastic achievements help maintain a close connection with home or life beyond the office that implies immediately that I’m dealing with a family oriented person  or maybe he’s a sports enthusiast and making that relevant connection.   The  promotional picture frames is  imprinted or engraved with your company name or brand as a constant reminder of your generous gift and resulting in highly valued, long lasting brand exposure advertising. What more could anyone ask for? Our high quality promotional picture frames are constructed in aluminum, glass, acrylic, and wood and come in several attractive designs, some attractively curved, some magnetized for easy placement, some combo frames with clocks, some with a handy memory box for trinkets, clips, or pens and they come in standard picture sizes. Check out our blow-out promotional picture frames pricing.

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In a discovery made inside an ancient Egyptian tomb of a portrait of a fayum mummy is the earliest recorded incident of a picture frame in existence. Until then—and for many years after—frame borders were quite common, especially if a canvas or papyrus needed to be stretched to prevent it from warping. Most frames in those days were carved from wood and the first example is it was seen in Europe during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Customized Promotional Picture Frames Keep Family Close All Day

They were carved from one piece of wood and therefore did not have the forty-five degree angle miter cuts that we recognize. It was only when it became extremely expensive to make the single piece frames from one piece of wood that makers found a way to cheapen the cost. They decided to create them from molding strips and use a forty-five degree angle to piece them together. It was a far more efficient method of building picture frames and instead of one piece, the four molded pieces would be glued and tacked together with a thin back panel to hold the painting or drawing in place. They were far more cost effective and frame makers could buy the materials cheaper and sell the frames for less, therefore creating more sales.

During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, most of the frames in Europe were commissioned by churches. The frames were usually huge and were built to stay affixed in situ, and therefore immovable. In Italy, the rise of arts patrons began to extend outside the church and commissions from personal orders were becoming more common. Therefore, the demand for quality picture frames grew, as did the popularity of the job of frame maker. During the reign of Louis XIII in France, the influence of the French design and refinement created a new ‘fashion’ in frames. The ornately decorative frames were commissioned by the King himself, as well as rich noblemen and courtiers, to hang their artwork. During this period, picture frames were also being built by furniture makers, rather than by the artists who painted the pictures.

Affordable Custom Imprinted Promotional Picture Frames Display Your Brand Daily For Years

Nowadays, the promotional picture frame is largely created by machine, with the exception of a few independently owned family businesses who still make each frame by hand. The framing business is still booming, despite the modern age bringing the digital photo frame. People still love to have a proper portrait on their walls, contained in a nicely designed promotional picture frame.

If your company is considering using promotional picture frames as a free promotional gift to your existing or new customers, contact us for the lowest market prices. You company logo or colors could easily be printed onto the frame and your details, including telephone number can also be added. A promotional picture frame is a very personal gift and your clients and customers will know you thought about your idea well before just jumping for any idea possible.