Custom House Piggy Banks

Custom House Piggy Banks

Let us take a look at the custom house piggy banks. There are two different types of pigs that are referred to in the early English language. That is, an animal and a ceramic material called earthenware which is used to make pots and other types of crockery. People for centuries have used pots and jars made out of the “pig” material to store their extra coins. Sometime around the 18th century, “pig jar” was used to refer to a jar that was made out of this material, but it eventually took on a literal translation as potters began to make them into a traditional shape of the pig and look at the custom house piggy banks.

Perhaps this was one man’s way of being ironic, or maybe it was a mistake of some sort. While historians aren’t exactly sure how it came to be that people started to use piggy banks shaped custom house piggy banks, they are here to stay and a growing force in the promotional products industry.
It is interesting to note that custom house piggy banks are not all shaped like pigs, though they are usually still referred as piggy banks. They come in just about any shape and size that one could desire from children’s themes to sports themes. These banks are a favorite amongst children, but are a real tool that is used by people of all ages. Many of the jars are constructed so that people must break their bank in order to get their savings out. Buy Your custom house piggy banks today.

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Custom House Piggy Banks

Custom house piggy banks are on the rise. The breakable jars come with a standard coin slot to save, but are designed to get the money out only when the owner of the jar is ready to release them. They help save in a more efficient way. We also have other options that come with rubber plugs that are located underneath the bank. They are manufactured for those that watch their savings to be available and at their fingertips should they need them.

Realtors Love Custom House Piggy Banks

Whichever type of piggy bank you desire, we are sure to have one that fits your needs. From ceramic, porcelain, plastic or more, these banks have been making advertising one’s business easier than ever. As was already mentioned, children and adults alike love using imprinted piggy banks. Give the children something to smile about and help the adults remember their childhood. Of course, one of the greatest things about custom house piggy banks is that they are a literal representation of how your business helps its clients save money. It is a smart way to represent your business and show them what you are all about.

Go With The Affordable Custom House Piggy Banks

Custom house piggy banks are an affordable way to touch the hearts of children and adults, and show them that you are interested in building relationships with them. Pass them out to everyone in attendance at your next corporate picnic or company event and everyone present will be thrilled with the gesture.  Take a moment to browse our selection of promotional piggy banks. You won’t ever be disappointed by the savings and the quality! Order your custom house piggy banks today.