Custom Plastic Piggy Banks

Custom Plastic Piggy Banks

Custom plastic piggy banks are sometimes referred to a coin banks. That’s due to the fact that they are designed to hold your pennies, nickels and dimes as long as you want to save them. No one really knows exactly how the traditional pig shape came about, but over time the item that saved your coins in a jar became known as a piggy bank. The interesting thing about this is that a piggy bank can be just about any shape and size that you desire and it will still be considered custom plastic piggy banks. So whether your bank is shaped like a house, a crayon or a football, it will still be called a piggy bank. That’s a long lasting trend for something that no one even knows how it got started!
Of course there are many traditional pig shaped custom plastic piggy banks that are great for advertising your business. We have ceramic and translucent options in many different shapes and sizes. The see-through options are great for those that want to keep track of how much money they have actually saved. It is an exciting thing to be able to literally see your savings grow right before your eyes.

From a marketing standpoint they are great because your logo is imprinted right on the bank. That means that while your clients are keeping an eye on their savings, they will first see your logo. The subtle implications that result are exactly what will help get your business on a solid and growing foundation. What are we talking about? Call us today to discuss custom plastic piggy banks.

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Custom Plastic Piggy Banks

Strictly speaking about custom plastic piggy banks the fact that your clients will connect your business to the idea of saving money. Some people are very literal in their use of promotional products and think that a piggy bank should only be used by banks, financial institutions and corporations that deal in money.

The Traditional Custom Plastic Piggy Banks

While those are great industries to pass out their custom plastic piggy banks, the power of the bank is extended to all. Whether you are a law firm or a clothing store, by passing out custom plastic piggy banks you are showing your clients that your company is all about saving the client money. What client isn’t ecstatic about saving money? By giving them coin banks they have a tangible way to do that and will always be able to thank your business.

We Have a Huge Selection Of Custom Plastic Piggy Banks

Browse our fine selection of custom plastic piggy banks to see what is right for your company. Whether you are looking for a quirky design or one that is a little more traditional, we have what you need. The ceramic, hand painted options are a great way to go the extra mile to show your clients that you are interested in only providing the best.
Get creative with your custom plastic piggy banks and make a statement about the values and characteristics of your company by passing them out to everyone you do business with and everyone that you hope to do business with!