Custom Printed Church Piggy Banks

Custom Printed Church Piggy Banks

A little story about custom printed church piggy banks. A few years back one of our customers—a regional bank in what is termed the bible belt—wanted to attract some young savers to their new accounts, especially for under sixteen’s. They asked us for some new ideas on the custom printed church piggy banks so they could attract the younger ones with gifts for saving money in their accounts.

We put our heads together at meeting and came up with some blueprints that we could put forward as suggestions. The bank decided they wanted a slogan to go on each custom printed church piggy banks so that the savers would remember little phrases to encourage them to save. What we did in the end was called them ‘Pygg Jars’ instead of piggy banks, simply because the history of the piggy bank would be part of the story.
In Europe in the middle ages, it was extremely expensive to create crockery from metal, so as a substitute potters created ‘pygg’ from a specific type of clay. This clay became very popular and it was also very cheap to make, so sold very well. The orange colored clay dried hard and firm and was widely used for all types of storage as well as for plates and mugs. Housewives also able to save pennies, would store the money in the ‘pygg jar’, which eventually adopted a nickname of ‘pygg bank’.

During the late eighteenth century some potters were asked to make ‘pygg banks’ but not knowing the actual literal meaning they started to make porcelain and clay banks in the shape of a pig. The cleverly designed pig shaped coin containers became an instant hit and so the idea took off around the world. Eventually, the ‘piggy bank’ replaced the ‘pygg jar’ altogether, both in style and meaning. Order your custom printed church piggy banks today.

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Custom Printed Church Piggy Banks

More on this story about custom printed church piggy banks. We chose to create a piggy bank made from ‘pygg’ clay but looking like a pig, to bring back the original meaning. We also designed little phrases for each pig and we based the idea on a similar design by an English bank during the 1980’s. The National Westminster Bank had a family of piggy banks that they gave to their young savers to encourage them to collect the entire range.

Custom Printed Church Piggy Banks For New Savers

We also decided to create a family, but they would be Americanized rather than English. The young baby would be given to savers upon opening their accounts and his slogan contained ‘a penny a day helps the toys come your way’. Clearly it was developed to encourage the savers to save for their own toys and games. We handed these out at our local churches.

Custom Printed Church Piggy Banks For the Bible Belt

The idea went down really well with our bank customer and soon these little items were bringing in the younger generation, ready with their dollars. Basically, custom printed church piggy banks are a superb way of showing off your business, especially if you are in the financial trade. If you would like more information about our promotional services, just give us a call or click and we will gladly let you know our low market prices. For the cheapest price on custom printed church piggy banks, give us a call.