Custom Printed House Piggy Banks

Custom Printed House Piggy Banks

A story about custom printed house piggy banks. We got approached by a local bank a little while back, who wanted something to get their customers interested in saving and also to try and attract younger savers. We put our thinking caps on and decided that if we wanted attract people we needed something that would look catchy and have something on it that would make people remember them and keep it in their minds.
The bank was well established and had plenty of customers. However, they wanted to see if they could get younger people to start saving their allowance money and wanted a snappy idea to attract them. In the end we chose the simple idea of the custom printed house piggy banks but we wanted to ‘pimp our bank’. We decided to pimp the slogan ‘put your money where your mouth is’ and redesign the custom printed house piggy banks and incorporate a local realtor.

The money slot of the piggy bank is normally in the top of the pig but we decided to put the slot in the pig’s mouth, dress him in a uniform that the bank wore and put a spin on the slogan. On these custom printed house piggy banks the slogan was printed on the top, where the slot should have been and it read ‘put you money where my mouth is’. This subtle twist was a big hit and they bank was overjoyed with the response. They reported back to us that the kids were coming through the door thick and fast with their parents in tow to set up accounts. Order your custom printed house piggy banks today.

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Custom Printed House Piggy Banks

The custom printed house piggy banks has its roots back around the fifteenth century when it was very expensive to make household items out of metal. Pots and dishes were created using stoneware, earthenware and a form a clay called ‘pygg’, which is a Scottish term. When housewives had a spare penny they would slip it into a clay ‘pygg’ jar and within a few years the word morphed into ‘pygg bank’.

A Bank And A Realtor Using Custom Printed House Piggy Banks

After a few years more it morphed slowly again, being mistaken for ‘pig’, the animal. During the nineteenth century English pottery companies were asked to create special banks for coins and the idea of the pig seemed the obvious choice. Since then they have been used in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, like the custom printed house piggy banks all with the familiar piggy face. During the nineteenth century the term ‘piggy bank’ finally made it into the official dictionary as a recognized phrase.

Custom Printed House Piggy Banks For The Kids

People can also use custom printed house piggy banks to teach their kids about math, adding up the loose coins and teaching them to make different amounts with different coins. It’s a great game to play with your kids before you put them to bed. Learning to save money is an important way for kids to learn financial responsibility at an early and using any kind of piggy bank, whether it a clay piggy bank or a plastic piggy bank. We offer custom printed house piggy banks at the cheapest prices, so give us a call and we will let you know what we can do.