Custom Printed Mini Piggy Banks

Custom Printed Mini Piggy Banks

A thing or two about custom printed mini piggy banks. Pigs have long been associated with the idea of saving, ever since they were mistakenly created as ‘piggy banks’ when it should have been ‘pygg bank’. A pygg bank was an old fashioned savings jar made from an orange clay, known as ‘pygg’. The durable clay was used to make pots and plates back in middle age Europe, when metals were too expensive to use.

Because the orange pygg clay was cheaper, it became extremely popular. However, later, in the 18th century, when potters were asked to make ‘pygg banks’, they mistakenly thought the word ‘pygg’ meant ‘pig’, hence the accidental invention of the most popular form of savings jar in the world. The custom printed mini piggy banks were born.
The poor pig seems to get a raw deal when it comes to reputations. It is associated with wages, as in ‘bringing home the bacon’ and, obviously a derogatory use for a greedy person, as well as other uses. However, with piggy banks, it seems the term is very appropriate because it is not about being greedy with money, but, rather, frugal and careful. This is why custom printed mini piggy banks make a great promotional subject when trying to promote your financial business or institute. Whether your client or customers are credit unions, financial advisors, banks, insurance companies or an annuity company, a piggy bank will be the perfect welcome gift, free giveaway or promotion for a new product. Order your custom printed mini piggy banks now.

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Custom Printed Mini Piggy Banks

When considering your next promotion think about custom printed mini piggy banks. You can create your own designs around your personal choices, using your own team of designers or a designer that you freelance. Whatever choice you want can be created and you can place your company colors or logo or slogan on the custom printed mini piggy banks to ensure that people remember your company every time they use them. Clever slogans are always useful because they do tend to stick in people’s minds.

Think Snappy With Custom Printed Mini Piggy Banks

Using something snappy and easy to remember is the same as a clever jingle for an advert. We always seem to remember those and catch ourselves saying or singing them. That’s the key to a good marketing strategy and getting an idea into people’s heads. You can take your custom printed mini piggy banks to trade shows, exhibitions, meetings and conferences. You can also give your promotion piggy banks to your in-house sales team or employees as promotional pieces, as well as your new customers, existing customers or those you are trying to pull in.

We Offer Custom Printed Mini Piggy Banks

Our company offers promotional items and stock for exactly every requirement you could possibly need. We offer our services and products at the lowest market prices, so all you have to do is get in touch and we will give you all the information you need. We will discuss your needs and offer you the prompt service we always promise, so that you and your business can carry on thriving. If you are a start-up business, we can help you get ahead of the competition and market your promotion successfully. Order your custom printed mini piggy banks today!