Custom Printed Plastic Piggy Banks

Custom Printed Plastic Piggy Banks

We suggest looking at the custom printed plastic piggy banks today. When people ask us for fresh suggestions about how they can promote their company without looking too obvious we always try to come up with something different. Ok, so custom printed plastic piggy banks are not exactly new. The first piggy banks were invented in the 18th century and were originally named ‘pig jar’ because pig also means ‘earthenware’ as well as the animal. They became savings jars when people started using them to save their spare coins.
Back in 1980 an English bank used piggy banks to attract young savers. They created the ‘Piggy Family’, Sir Nathaniel Westminster—named after the National Westminster Bank for whom the pigs were created, Lady Hillary the mother, Maxwell the little boy, Annabel the little girl and Woody the baby. Young savers had to save ‘x’ amount to ‘win’ the baby and so on upwards until they had saved enough to collect the father pig.

It was a great initiative and the success created many little savers around England. They didn’t so much promote the bank but everyone recognized them because of their influence. Eventually, in 1988 the promotion ended and those items are now collector’s pieces. Yes the custom printed plastic piggy banks was where it was at.
The take on piggy banks has long been used to give someone something useful to sit on their desk aside from just an ornament. As long as the custom printed plastic piggy banks don’t need to be smashed anymore to get the money out they can actually last for years.

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Custom Printed Plastic Piggy Banks

This is why we feel that custom printed plastic piggy banks are more than just a promotional item. They are also attention grabbing. You can have the pig wearing your company uniform, driving one of your trucks, mailing one of your packages, sitting on one of the chairs you make or any other situation.

The choice is yours and you can have any information on the pig that you want. It’s not always enough to just have ‘Joe Bloggs – plumber’ and the telephone number, sometimes it might be better to have a logo or something snappy that makes people look at the custom printed plastic piggy banks and keep it in their minds.

The Psychology Of Custom Printed Plastic Piggy Banks

There is actually a deep psychology to promotion. Getting inside people’s head without them realizing it is the key to good advertising. Think about it, that song you can’t get out of your head or that jingle you hear from that advert on TV it is the same with custom printed plastic piggy banks. It’s all about being catchy and thinking outside the box, giving people what they didn’t realize they wanted. The object of the exercise is to make people wonder ‘Why didn’t I think of that’.

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Our promotions are the cheapest on the market and you will have to go a long way to beat our prices. We offer a prompt and speedy service and can produce as many or as few items as you need. You simply call us with your order for custom printed plastic piggy banks and we will quote you the cost and let you know how quickly we can get it to you.