Personalized Piggy Banks

Personalized Piggy Banks

Personalized piggy banks are a clever and unique way to connect with your clients. Because they inheritably save money for whoever uses it, they become a strong advertising tool. Are you wondering how so? It’s because they become a tangible representation that your company will save them money. That’s because in real life your company is actually saving them money!
Promotional products all work in a variety of unique and powerful ways. Some help associate positive characteristics to the client and some are intended to be fun and different in order to catch someone’s eye. With personalized piggy banks you are dealing in both of those realms. They are durable and dependable just like your company. Some of our piggy banks are transparent or translucent so you can actually see the savings in real time. Your client will literally look at your company logo and see money through the bank. The strong associations cannot get any more positive than this!
Plus, your clients love receiving fun gifts. Personalized piggy banks have been around for years but they continue to bring a smile to the face of every recipient. They are entertaining and turn saving money into something lighthearted instead of being a chore. Personalized piggy banks are also great conversation starters.

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Personalized Piggy Banks

Many of our personalized piggy banks are shaped like actual pigs, but we also have other shapes available. For example, we have some shaped like homes. These are fantastic for mortgage companies and real estate agencies that want to physically demonstrate the savings that they can pass on to their clients. We have more whimsically shaped pigs as well as ceramic banks that are hand painted with 24k gold. If you are looking to seriously wow your clients then that is a great way to go.

Use Personalized Piggy Banks To Get Your Name Out

If you are a new business that wants to get the word out in the community that your business saves more money than the competitor, than do so with personalized piggy banks. They attract people of all ages and cultures and are not industry specific so any business can benefit by passing out personalized piggy banks.

Personalized Piggy Banks For Your Next Trade Show

They also work fantastically as seminar and trade show giveaways. The prices are affordable so you can invest in a large number to meet the demands of big convention crowds. Everyone will be interested in taking home one of your personalized piggy banks and the low prices make certain that you never have to disappoint them.

Don’t Forget Your Employees Personalized Piggy Banks

Pass them out to each of your employees and encourage them to see who can fill up their bank the fastest. If you want to give back to your staff, why not get everyone involved in filling up a bank and then using that money for donuts one morning? However you choose to use your personalized piggy banks doesn’t matter as much as getting them out there for everyone to use and have fun with!