Promotional Plastic Piggy Banks

Promotional Plastic Piggy Banks

If you are looking for a really fun promotional product that will appeal to clients of all ages, consider ordering promotional plastic piggy banks. Piggy banks have been around since the 18th century helping people squirrel away their pennies, dimes and quarters. Your clients will thank you because they won’t have to carry around a lot of change. Plus, coins quickly add up and before you know it your clients will have extra money to spend in your store or for your services! It’s a win-win situation.
Promotional plastic piggy banks are the perfect giveaway for payday loan stores, direct lending companies, accounting offices, banks and any other business that handles their client’s money on a day to day basis. Consider passing them out to every loyal customer, or promote a free giveaway with the purchase of services. You could even put a variety of piggy banks in a bowl for clients to choose their favorite color and shape as they enter or leave your store. It’s always a great idea to give your clients something to feel good about. Since they will associate those positive feelings with you and your store, you will build positive relationships with a simple gesture. Order your promotional plastic piggy banks now.

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Promotional Plastic Piggy Banks

If you have an upcoming seminar that discusses ways to enrich your life and save money, passing out promotional plastic piggy banks to all in attendance is a clever way to promote your seminar and thank those who came to support you. Why not pair the little banks with other promotional items like calculators and pens to not only sell your seminar concept but provide your business with an increased opportunity to have your logo be seen by the general public? These are smart ways to utilize promotional products to benefit your business.

Get Creative With Promotional Plastic Piggy Banks

Another clever idea is to give away promotional plastic piggy banks at your next trade show. Fold up a small informational brochure or coupon and stick it in the coin slot so that it pops out of the pig. Not only are you giving away an item with your logo that will get a lot of exposure, but you are also able to impart a little more about what your company can offer through the brochure or give your customers even more incentive to use your services.

Promotional Plastic Piggy Banks For Financial Institutions

Of course promotional plastic piggy banks are not only promotional items best left to financial institutions and mortgage companies. They are products that any company in any industry can use to encourage consumers to spend money. Certainly you know by now that your clients are most interested in their own bank accounts. Promotional plastic piggy banks are also the perfect way to let your clients know that you are in the business of saving them money. And trust us when we say that they will thank you for that!
Our concern is saving you money as well, and that’s why we’ve provided a variety of different piggy banks for you to browse through. From whimsical to promotional plastic piggy banks, we’re sure to have one that will fit your needs.