Custom Printed Pocket Screwdrivers

Custom Printed Pocket Screwdrivers

When thinking promotional products, typical items like custom printed pocket screwdrivers, calendars, pens, keychains and T-shirts come immediately to mind. Think too of promotional screwdrivers and other tools.  We have found the custom printed pocket screwdrivers to be a hot choice, so useful and loved by men and women alike. Many organizations have used them successfully in their advertising campaigns.  Consider all the reasons handing out promotional Pocket Screwdrivers makes great sense and jump on the promotional advertising band wagon and get your imprinted pocket screwdrivers ordered to start reaping the rewards.

Custom printed pocket screwdrivers have been tightening and loosening in some form or another since the Middle Ages. Historians have pinpointed their origin as sometime in the late 15th century and they have been around ever since.  It’s almost unbelievable that although the industrial age has brought modern materials and manufacturing methods we are still using a tool once considered the primitive tool of its time.  Pocket screwdrivers are now found commonly in most homes, cars, trucks, tool kits, in offices, businesses, warehouses and work stations, and an essential on every tool belt due to their dependability and frequent usefulness as well as their budget friendly price range.

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Custom Printed Pocket Screwdrivers

Choosing the perfect custom printed pocket screwdrivers for your audience, becomes  difficult.  Choosing one size over another can be a problem because the driver size and head are directly related to the individual screw to be serviced.  Our advice is to check out our pocket screwdriver kits with multiple and interchangeable bits, our dual head products some with a few different options and our Big Jake with many options that can handle most any application.  We also have unique pocket screwdrivers in handy combinations, whether a pocket clip, a carabineer, an LED flashlight or even a key chain.  Any of these quality giveaways will be loved by your clients and potential clients and keep you a step ahead of your competition.

Custom Printed Pocket Screwdrivers For The Handyman

Not everyone considers themselves a handyman but certainly everyone has a use for a 6 in 1 Screwdriver around their house. They are useful for helping tighten a screw on your eyeglasses or replacing a broken light switch cover and a horde of other applications. Pocket screwdrivers are also the perfect item to help you pry open a bucket of paint. They have so many uses by so many, the perfect fit to make a great marketing item.  We have “Big Jake” custom printed pocket screwdrivers.  They have a larger handle than the original Pocket Partner, an easily changed reversible blade with both a slotted and a Phillips head.  It has nineteen tool top options that can dependably handle most any special application and they have a convenient pocket clip. Your clients and customers will be pleased to receive your quality product that will be useful to them for many years, as opposed to cheap unreliable products from your competitors that well may drift to the back of a drawer and be soon forgotten.  Certainly you want your tool to be used frequently exposing your branding for all the many years of its life as a constant reminder of you and your products and services whenever they should be needed.

Custom Printed Pocket Screwdrivers For The Limited Budget

Of course, many are concerned that such a large quantity purchase to cover the crowds at trade shows and conventions will be more than their limited marketing budget can allow.  That will depend entirely on the product choice but we have quality pocket screwdrivers in all price ranges.  When checking our prices, you will see for yourself we’re not exaggerating when we say custom printed pocket screwdrivers are some of the lowest priced promotional products to imprint with your brand and Save On Promotional Products has the best and our prices will blow you away.