Discount Promotional Screwdrivers

Discount Promotional Screwdrivers

Discount promotional screwdrivers are a quality product priced at affordable prices. Screwdrivers actually date back to the Middle Ages in Europe, likely invented in either France, or Germany sometime during the fifteenth century.  The first rudimentary screws were made to secure armor breastplates and back plates. Mostly, these types of armor suits were used in jousting, rather than in combat or war. Later, as guns were developed, small screws were used to hold the pyrites in place, resulting in further screw refinements and as time marched on, additional variations began to creep onto the market.

Henry Phillips obtained a patent for his own version of the screw, which we have come to know as the Phillips Head. The + shaped screw is probably the second most famous type of screw in the world, next to the flat slotted screw, His idea was put on test in the 1936 Cadillac.  It was praised for some excellent results and the screw became widely used throughout the entire motor industry.  We often recommend the frequently used Phillips and Flat Head for a crowd pleasing handout at big events for employees, clients and potential clients.  A fantastic giveaway in an affordable price range and our price structure at Save On Promotional Products is such that our pricing will blow you away.

Discount promotional screwdrivers, designed to turn screws and some specific bolts with a mating system matching the screw head with the screwdriver, are likely one of the most frequently used tools.  The flat head is a simple straight groove across the diameter of the screw head.  The Phillips head has a cross head screw shape.  We also have the hex head tools and some lesser known heads.  The Level Rite Screwdriver is a quality tool with a level in the handle and priced for big event turnouts.  We have a selection of well made useful screwdrivers in the discount promotional screwdrivers range that will please your recipients with a long service life.

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Discount Promotional Screwdrivers

Discount promotional screwdrivers are manually operated hand tools that rely on manual torque (also popularly known as manpower) to tighten or loosen a screw. Their cylindrical handle can be made from, wood or plastic. The shaft is embedded in the handle during manufacture and can be long or short, with a specifically molded head to fit its mating screw.

Discount Promotional Screwdrivers Have Many Options

However, some newer versions come with interchangeable heads that can be pulled out of the shaft and replaced by a different head. For instance, a Phillips head bit can be exchanged for a flat head bit, or alternatively, a large Phillips head bit can be replaced by one for a smaller screw.   Check our Discount Promotional Screwdrivers for the one that will be a perfect fit for your audience at our discount prices.  Our screwdriver collection also includes mechanical screw drivers driven by either batteries or electric power.

Discount Promotional Screwdrivers Some Have Magnetic Blades

We have imprinted discount promotional screwdrivers with magnetic blades to help decrease the incident of dropping screws. You simply hold the screw in place and if you accidentally lose your grip, the screwdriver will take up the work for you. They do the exact same thing with advertising your business, making the small investment is your part, and the tools will end up marketing your business for you. It’s like having hundreds of extra advertising employees working for you around the clock!


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