Promotional Screwdrivers

Promotional Screwdrivers

Promotional Screwdrivers have come to the forefront due to the very popular and trendy DIY mentality.  If you are a builder, contractor, or renovator, a repairman or craftsman of any kind, consider imprinted promotional screwdrivers or promotional screwdriver kits with multiple and interchangeable bits as a clever handout to clients keeping your identity always present if and when your services might be needed.   Think of it as a stress reliever, it’s not if but when an inevitable emergency repair presents itself in the home, garage, office, or worse yet, if a toy breaks or needs to be assembled (now that can be a real emergency) and your promotional screwdriver came to the rescue.  You and your company become heroes.

We have a great tool selection.  Our promotional screwdrivers include all the popular styles. We have the Phillips head, the flat head and the hex head and we have them in all sizes from the large more rugged tool to the handy tiniest little ones most frequently used for an urgent eyeglass repair.  Being prepared for whatever repair presents itself is comforting and requires screwdrivers of diverse sizes and head styles in every home and office tool box or kit and also keep a handy size in the home, garage, glove box, and work station. The promotional screwdriver is one of the more frequently used implements in our tool collection, its uses are to meet each situation as it comes along but seems to be most frequently used to assemble toys and furniture, tighten up or remove a screw or to pop a paint can lid open. We go a step further and have very convenient screwdriver combos with an LED flashlight which can really come in handy, we have them with a carabiner clip for attaching to a belt loop or wherever it can be easily stored and  accessed, or how about a small screwdriver on a keychain and you’ll have one with you when you need it.  The promotional screwdrivers combined with any of these other convenient features make a more impactful gift or handout at a Save On Promotional Products affordable price.

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Promotional Screwdrivers

If you are introducing yourself and your company to a group including many new clients who are unfamiliar with your products or services, you will surely want to go a step beyond the competition by passing out unique but useful quality promotional items they will love to use for years.  If they love your gift, they will use it and the oftener the better exposing your name and reminding them of you and your company frequently.  Count on a frequently used quality screwdriver to do the trick.  They come in all head styles and sizes, designed to positively improve your clients life in some way.

Professionals Use Promotional Screwdrivers

A great example of covering the details, we have a custom promotional screwdriver with a level built right into the handle. The blade is double ended so that you can address jobs that require both the standard screwdriver and a Phillips head. Handy features sure to please the recipient.  A wide variance of professions will benefit using imprinted promotional screwdrivers, so think outside the box and make an unforgettable impression. Example, for overall effect, a picture must hang exactly level so think of frame companies or even photography studios who could pass out custom imprinted screwdrivers with a level right in the handle to help get that job done efficiently. Clients will get a kick out of the unique and creative twist and appreciate the gift.

Promotional Screwdrivers Some Can Come With Magnetic Blades

We have imprinted custom promotional screwdrivers that come with magnetic blades to help decrease the incident of dropping your screws. You simply hold the screw in place and should you  accidentally lose your grip, the screwdriver will hang on to the dropped screw for you.

Promotional Screwdrivers Are Very Affordable

They do the exact same thing when it comes to advertising your company.  Make a small screwdriver investment and the tools themselves will end up marketing your business for you. It’s as simple as handing out hundreds and gaining hundreds of extra advertising employees working for you around the clock!  That is the major point of promotional products advertising and Save On Promotional Products promotional screwdrivers are priced to affordably flood the market.