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Accidents happen! A button comes off, a seam rips, or an unsightly snag appears, any one of which desperately needs of a quick fix before meeting the public. We have mini promotional sewing kits with a needle, a few thread colors, and small scissors quite sufficient for a novice sewer to replace a button or put in a few replacement stitches or even pick a snag and pull it to the back side. A mini size sewing kit is a briefcase and suitcase essential, Hotels and motels should inventory a supply of sewing kits to satisfy their guests’ needs. We have more elaborately equipped full size kits to tackle more serious repairs in the home and office, or in a craft box and they too are a briefcase or suitcase favorite. Hopefully the promotional sewing kit is not needed often but it’s always a comfort knowing you are prepared and just hanging around it will be displaying your full logo identification and yo will be thanked when it corrects an emergency incident. You will be thanked and remembered every time a needy emergency arises.

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Sewing Kits Are A Great Promotional Item

So, here’s the scene; you are at a party, a business meeting or other important event and suddenly you feel a button pop off your shirt, or you bend down and hear that dreaded ripping sound….what do you do?? Well, aside from panicking the first thing  you need is a travel promotional Sewing Kit, so  you can quickly excuse yourself and go fix whatever went wrong with your clothing. It can be a traumatic experience, especially if you are in a public environment surrounded by virtual strangers. Having a handy promotional Sewing Kit can save the day for those situations that can be completely unforeseen and embarrassing.

A promotional Sewing Kit usually contains all the essential items you need to make an emergency repair to your clothing when you need it most. Inside, you should find an array of small colored thread reels—usually with black, brown, blue, green, red and white—and a tiny pair of scissors. Also inside is are small and large eyed needles, tacking pins, safety pins, a metal needle threader and sewing tape. These kits can fit easily into the pocket and can remain hidden unless you need them.

Accidents Happen! Your Customized Promotional Sewing Kits May Save The Day

Sewing has been a craft explored by humans for thousands of years. It is essential in correct garment making and it is the thread that holds our clothes together. In the early days of sewing and before the discovery of cotton, materials such as cat gut, sinew and veins were used to stitch and darn clothing items. Needles were made out of ivory and carved into the fine point, with a hole pierces for the thread. Other materials used for needle making were antler or bone.

Before the invention of the sewing machine all stitching was completed by hand and it was a time consuming art that many women specialized in. Being a seamstress was one of the most popular crafts obtained by women, especially during the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. After the industrial revolution, however, the sewing machine, looms and automated machines, sewing became less important as a craft and was replaced by women who tended the machines to make sure they stayed functional and correctly produced the pattern they were set to make.

Replace A Button or Mend A Seam Rip With an Inexpensive  Promotional Sewing Kits

Nowadays we rely on small promotional Sewing Kits as emergency items, rather than having the huge sewing kits that we might remember seeing at our grandma’s house. Sewing is mostly automated these days, but we are still prone to those rips and tears or buttons falling off as we ever were.

A promotional Sewing Kit is also a great item to use as a customized marketing tool to give as a free gift to customers of your business or company. A promotional Sewing Kit with your logo on the top can make all the difference to people remembering you or not. Having a neat sewing kit is a useful and functional free gift. If you are looking for the lowest market prices on promotional Sewing Kits, get in touch with us.