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 Promotional Stuffed Animals

Cuddly promotional stuffed animals are a “God-send” to calmly relax children during a hospital or dental visit and essential for social workers or counselors to ease inevitable tense moments. Think of them too as a team mascot, a duck, the bears, a lion or dolphin. They’re lovable, huggable plush buddies or toss around bean bag toys. We have pups and kittens, farm animals, a zoo full of monkeys, tigers and bears, some sea life and a wild and crazy bunch too. Our promotional stuffed animals are imprinted or dressed for the occasion wearing custom imprinted t-shirts to show off your identity. Every pediatrician, hospital, clinic and dental office and also the children’s aide groups should be equipped to reach out to the children with a comforting cuddly promotional stuffed animal to use a an ice breaker and confidence builder.  We also have useful animal magnets and key tags. Best of all is our ridiculously cheaper prices.

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Cuddle Up To Our Promotional Stuffed Animals

When brainstorming for a new creative marketing campaign idea, take a little risk and step out of the box. One of our lovable, irresistible little promotional  stuffed animals maybe the answer, perfect for the young and the young at heart and cuddled by boys and girls alike who treasure their special promotional stuffed animals for many years whether it’s their sleep pal or a security toy that travels with them always and becomes a memorable childhood treasure. When thinking Promotional Stuffed Animals, Teddy Bears come to mind but our collect is so much more with a wide variety of domestic and wild animals to choose from. We can’t put them all on our web site so if you’re not finding the specific specie you’re looking for give us a call and we will find it for you.

Promotional Stuffed Animals, Affordable Gifts That  Always Bring A Smile


Everyone needs a Buddy, a friend, to cuddle and hug and brighten their otherwise anxious moments. A snuggly little promotional stuffed animal can be the needed companion to cling to or sleep with. It will brighten their day with a comforting, calming effect and offer a degree of assurance and security during difficult times for all your younger customers. Stuffed animals play a vital role and have become standard equipment for first responders, firemen, and policemen to help soften their approach to distraught, ill or injured children. Doctors and dentists often use a stuffed animal to reach out or get acquainted with their nervous young patients. Hospitals and clinics often take advantage of the calming effect inevitable with a little soft stuffed animal to help ease anxiety with their new young admissions. The promotional product sales opportunities created in the area of medicine and safety alone are tremendous but there are many more opportunities to explore.

Think of a promotional stuffed animal mascot identifying with a specific school or university, a professional or amateur team and it has become popular for business organizations to identify with an animal mascot. A great market to explore. A customized friendly mascot will boost moral and spirit and give your logo or brand added recognition. Check out school stores for an opportunity to fill their shelves with the appropriate mascot stuffed animal.

Promotional Stuffed Animals Attired To Billboard Your Brand, Your Team, Your Scholastic Affiliation

Customized with your logo or brand promotional stuffed animals are a popular trade show handout especially when complementing your company mascot, theme or specific pet show. A little promotional stuffed animal giveaway is a great welcome or thank you gift for a pet or feed store, groomer, kennel, or zoo or aquarium gift shop to giveaway.

It will be happy shopping through our promotional stuffed animal collection for all you pet lovers. You won’t know whether you are in the barnyard with all the cows, horses, chickens and lambs or perhaps visiting the zoo with so many varieties of bears, elephants, monkeys, even sea life and birds and so many more. And WOW our selection includes so many breeds of dogs and cats or darling kittens and pups to win the heart of the young and the not so young. You can’t help but have a problem choosing between this precious collection. Best of all they can all be enhanced with your logo or brand for a long term bang for your marketing bucks.

Save On Promotional Products collection includes soft plush furs, those with flexible action arms and legs, some with embroidered facial features, many adorning colorful tee shirts with your brand or logo showcased on the front. All of our promotional stuffed animals can be embroidered or imprinted in colors to complement your logo or brand, the Tee shirt adorned animals will carry your identity on the front of the shirt which comes in a wide range of color choices.  Our over twenty-five years of experience offers service you will enjoy and our exciting low prices for our promotional stuffed animals beat all. Give us a call, our friendly and qualified marketing staff is eager to please you throughout a very successful Promotional Stuffed Animal marketing campaign.