Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Custom Canvas Tote Bags

For years custom canvas tote bags have been the quintessential bag most used by men and women alike. Their simplistic design and tough construction has drawn people in over and over again. During the late 1940’s,  custom canvas tote bags were a favorite among newsboys. At that time, they were even given the nickname of “newsboy bags.” Since then their popularity grew and custom canvas tote bags were picked up and constantly used by delivery companies and students, just to name a few. Why is all of this important to know? To illustrate not only how heavy duty these bags really are, but to show that they can be used by any industry for any task!

The strength of custom canvas tote bags  is really quite deceiving. They have such a simple design yet it holds up against the heaviest student’s bags and the heftiest groceries. That’s why these bags have been around for years – they don’t disappoint. While all of our selections will hold up against normal wear and tear, we also offer tear resistant and water repellent options.

Although custom canvas tote bags have a history dating all the way back to the 17th century, they are growing in renewed popularity due to the push to maintain earth-friendly lifestyles. Just ask any of your clients and the majority of them will agree that keeping the landfills safe from our plastic bags is incredibly important to them. What’s also important is creating products that will stand fast against the toughest uses while being constructed out of eco-friendly materials. That’s why we offer options made from natural jute vegetable fibers that are 75% bio-degradable. We’ve listened to what our clients want and that’s why we are proud to offer these options. Furthermore, your clients will be impressed with your dedication to protecting the environment and will grow in their trust of your business. Order your custom canvas tote bags right now!

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Custom Canvas Tote Bags

All of our custom canvas tote bags are made of quality materials that will impress any client or vendor. If you are really looking to soften up your toughest clients, why not give them one of our tote bags with full grain leather trim and hand grips? Up the ante and fill that tote bag full of other promotional items like sports bottles, clocks, blankets and can coolers with tickets to a sporting event or an outdoor play. They will not only be impressed with your generosity, but they will be blown away by the quality of your non woven tote bags.

Custom Canvas Tote Bags Are Designed Well

Though the more modern custom canvas tote bags continue with a simple design, many are constructed to enhance our lives in a number of different ways. Take for instance the bags with a metal key ring and mesh water bottle pocket. Or how about the bags with built in pen and business card pockets, as well as cell phone pockets. There are also the favorite insulated bags that are perfect for carrying your groceries home without worrying about the temperatures of your food.

Check out our selection and see which of our custom canvas tote bags is right for you!