Custom Cotton Tote Bags

Custom Cotton Tote Bags

Take the custom cotton tote bags, the key to choosing a solid promotional product is rather easy. By following a few easy steps, you can better safeguard that your marketing merchandise will be a hit and gain a better return on your investment in no time.

Stop worrying about what you want and focus on what your clients want. Many companies make the mistake of thinking too much about what they like and not enough time tapping into the mindset of the client and seeing how the item would affect them in their daily lives. The same goes when selling an item to a consumer. You have to appeal to their tastes otherwise the product won’t be sold. Apply those same principles when ordering marketing merchandise. Just because an item is free doesn’t mean that a client will fall in love with it. Remember that the recipients of your custom cotton tote bags are the ones that will use them. So think about how materials, design and construction factor into their lives before placing your order.

Studies show that about 75% of your clients are interested in renewable products as well as ways to clean up the environment. Custom cotton tote bags are a great way to tap into these interests. Every year thousands of plastic bags end up in landfills and won’t ever break down during our lifetime, or even the lifetimes of our grandchildren. Show your clients that you have listened to their needs and wants by handing out imprinted tote bags. They can be used over and over, and are often most helpful when grocery shopping. Say no to paper and say no to plastic by bringing your custom cotton tote bags everywhere you go.

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Custom Cotton Tote Bags

Make sure to not overload your imprinting area of your custom cotton tote bags. Many businesses make the mistake of putting too much information in the imprint space. Personalized tote bags, for example, have a large imprint area. By cluttering the space with too much information, it can distract away from the logo. Of course, there are clever ways to design your logo and keep all of the pertinent information in there at the same time. A visible logo and company name is where the power of promotional products comes from, so be smart when designing your tote bags and all other products.

Match Your Company Colors On Custom Cotton Tote Bags

When possible on your custom cotton tote bags, choose colors that match your company theme or corporate logo. This is a tip that cannot always occur, but it is something that can create a stronger product. By matching your logo colors to your promotional product, you, in essence, claim that color scheme as yours. Over time, your clients will immediately associate that color scheme with your business. That way you can promote your business without your company logo even being present.

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