Promotional Tote Bags

Promotional Tote Bags

If you are looking to give your clients a really fun incentive to shop at your store, consider ordering promotional tote bags. We have a huge selection of promotional Tote Bags and custom tote bags for you to choose from. There are hundreds of ways for you to mix and match color schemes and logos so that you can find a tote that best matches your company picnic theme, promotional sales event, or corporate brand.

With stiff competition raising the bar, it’s important to give your clients that extra little incentive to shop at your store. By introducing interesting promotional giveaways, or a free item with a purchase, you can encourage your consumers handout sat your store and shop the away.

An interesting way to use promotional tote bags is to fill them with some an assortment of products from your shop so that the items seem to be bursting out of the bag. Then hang a few promotional tote bags in the store window for your customers to see. Whether you are giving them away with the purchase of an item, or to each customer that comes in and checks your store out, your clients will be thrilled to have one of your custom tote bags. Best yet, because the promotional tote bags have drawn them into your store, they will take the time to look around and buy a few extra items.

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Promotional Tote Bags

What’s also great is that you can skip the plastic bags and put all of their purchases inside the promotional tote bags branded with your logos. So when they are getting a little bit of shopping completed around  the city, every shopper around them will see your logo. Visibility and brand recognition is key. So with a small investment you will have walking billboards strutting about town on your behalf. And think about this, people love promotional tote bags because they are so useful. Promotional tote bags aren’t an item that will sit on your client’s desk, or worse yet, inside the desks. So the next time your client needs to go to the grocery store, or carry a load of books back to the library, they will likely grab your tote to do so. That’s exposure, exposure, exposure with each trip outside of the home or office!

Promotional Tote Bags Have A Large Printing Area

Another great thing about promotional tote bags is that there is a large amount of imprinting space available for your colorful logo or design. With some promotional items there isn’t a lot of room available for a creative theme, logo and design. But with totes you can get as creative as you want since they have such a large area imprinting area. Your brand will pop, and while your client is on the subway going to work, she is showing the world around her that she trusts your brand without having to say a word. Get an advertising load off your hands and order your promotional tote bags today!