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Promotional USB Flash Drives

Kick Off your next promotional campaign with impactful promotional USB Flash Drives. Surprise tech Savvy clients and employees with the ease of transfering files, music, photos, and videos into a smart phone and when this drive is plugged into a USB port, will virtually function as an external hard drive—what an impressive bang for your bucks and all laser or screen printed for years of advertising. We offer a full line of promotional USB Flash Drives in many pocket sizes and various shapes, featuring a protective sliding or twisting mechanism to eliminate a cap, an LED charging indicator, and comes in many powerful memory strengths with up to tens years of retention. Be a very memorable supplier exciting new and old stand by customers, clients and employees with hi-tech at our budget friendly prices. Give us a call or email us to place your order for your next project today.

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Promotional USB Flash Drives Are A Great Promotional Item

Transport data in a flash with Save on Promotional Products Promotional USB Flash Drives. This small portable electronic device plugs into the computer USB port and like a hard disc, contains memory used for storing data or transferring data to and from a computer, smartphone, tablet or digital camera, etc. A must have for any and all of your “Techy” clients, potential clients, customers, employees and friends. Considering the billions of mobile devices in service around the world today with those numbers continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, and additionally in service units are rapidly being improved and upgraded making the Promotional USB Flash Drives an outstanding budget friendly, recipient memorable and welcome gift.

Promotional USB Flash Drives in 24 Hours

Our collection covers the broad span of memory requirements from the more standard 2GB to 8GB and the 16GB and 32GB plus 128, 256 and 512 Mega Bites making the memory quantity your choice to accommodate your audience. Save On Promotional Products offers a complete line of features including color choices, a multiple choice of shapes including even custom designs and all in easily transportable sizes and many with neck lanyards to keep them handy. They are security sealed and many are packaged in recyclable materials. So, if it’s Promotional USB Flash Drives you are thinking about for your next campaign, look no farther. We have the memory, the color, the features and shapes you’re looking for at the very best prices in the industry. If the plastic version of the MVP Jersey model fits your needs, several colors and memory sizes from 2GB to 8GB are ready to ship within 24-Hours complete with your customized imprint. We have several other models that can also be imprinted and shipped within 24-Hours if the order is completed by early afternoon. Most orders can arrive within two or three shipping days within the continental USA to meet a big event schedule.

Promotional USB Flash Drives in 2 Port

The possible choices are many of these promotional USB flash drives. We carry the 2-port Promotional USB Drives and the new and improved 3-port USB drives. The 3-port connectors are easily distinguished from the 2-port deigns by the blue color coded receptacle plugs. The major 3-port drive improvement is its notable increased speed activity. 3-port connectors are backwards compatible and can be used with 2-port receptacles, however, in this adaption, only the 2-port speed can be attained.

We offer choice case designs and materials. We have the mini Hartford, and the Monterey clip design, the Milwaukie model includes a bottle opener. We have a durable metallic bright red heart design, a small two colored circular drive and many pen styles including a retractable ballpoint design in a brushed black metal casing or one of several pens all with a hidden promotional USB Flash Drives and some with the popular stylus feature. Anyone of these popular items would make a great choice for any convention or trade show giveaway that will be used and appreciated while continuously promoting your logo. Another outstanding choice for large event handouts is the credit card USB drive style of which we have several choices with different credit card functionalities. The credit cards can showcase your brand or logo over the full surface, front and back, for outstanding and valuable visibility. Save On Promotional Products USB Flash Drives are real work horses that come in a variety of materials. We have popular plastics in colors and clear, we also have drives with attractive aluminum and stainless steel casings, there are wooden or durable, pressed and recycled cardboard and the leatherette items are debossed.

Imprinted Promotional USB Flash Drives

If you’re looking for a more creative or theme related drive, consider a unique shape which can be decorated with your customized enhancement both front and back and be tied to your campaign theme. Our key shaped drive might be a perfect fit for the relators, mortgage and loan offices. The heart should be good fit for an appreciation gift or health related campaign.

There are several protective closure designs, many have swivel caps, some have a pop off cap design, and there is the click technology style to bring up the drive and we have some designs where the USB drive is integrated into the unit itself. Some have indicator lights, rubberized coating for easy handling, logo enhanced neck lanyards, some have a drawstring pouch and most are security sealed and are securely packaged in recyclable materials. Most have a life long warranty (accessories have a 1-year warranty).

Promotional USB Flash Drives For Your Next Branding Experience

If you’re looking for a more creative design, consider a unique shape for your design which can decorate both the front and back sides along with your identity to make good use of the advertising space, and we also have key shapes, and small in lipstick-like cases among several others.

The Promotional USB Flash Drives can be printed in up to three colors or laser engraved. Some of the case materials like the faux leather or leatherette require enhancements be debossed providing a richer and more luxurious effect. The lanyards can also be imprinted to further display your identity.

We also carry a convenient accessory, the “Pop Socket Disc”. When applied, by sticking it to the back of phone or other device, it provides an easel like support for easier viewing . The sticky surface is long lasting but eventually may start to lose its stickiness feature which can be restored and revised by simply washing it off with soap and water.

Promotional USB Flash Drives Are A Sure Winner!

Our friendly and qualified marketing representatives will gladly help to ensure your Promotional USB Flash Drives are the best choice for your particular audience. Our prices will beat all and our service will reinforce your decision to call Save on Promotional Products to help produce a most successful high technology event or trade show response. Thank you for browsing our Web Site. We look forward to providing you these great Promotional USB Flash Drives as they will be a sure winner.