Promotional Watches

Promotional Watches have been the proverbial retirement gift as long as one can remember.  Aside from the value of retirement gifts, consider the benefits of gifting watches to clients and employees.  Being late for appointments or as a dinner guest while keeping others waiting is a rude habit and being late for work unacceptable.  Avoid those compromising situations by gifting watches to keep employees and your constant contacts more punctual.  With a beautiful watch on their arm there is no need to wonder about what time it is or have to ask around to find the right time. Using promotional watches for your next event handout will be a popular and well received gift and you will have the advantage of our low pricing structure and employees being timely responsible. Our  Promotional Watch selection is numerous and covers a super wide price range.   Starting with the very economical silicone promotional watches with many different features, priced for large audiences, to the very important executive or retirement gifts, length of service or achievement awards and in every price range in between.

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Promotional Watches Are Fantastic Logo Items

We rely on quality renowned manufacturers like Seiko/Pulsar, Bulova, Fossil and Swiss watches and lesser known but proven manufacturers in the economical silicone styles and lower priced range items.

Features differ among our promotional watch collection and include cases and bracelets of stainless steel or two-toned with gold tones and we have silver or gold-toned cases and bracelets.  We also have some with leather or faux leather and even rubber straps. Cases are most often round but we have some attractive rectangles and the silicone styles are slightly more unique. Many of our promotional watches are water resistant from 30m to 50m and even up to 100 meters.  Many are constructed with quality quartz movements or even sold powered movements.   They are designed with easy to recognize Arabic or Roman numerals and some are attractively designed with stick markers.  There are many different features available like timezone indicators, scratch proof crystals, push button release clasps, sweep second hands, black or brown luxury leather straps and some elegantly jeweled in gold and silver for higher end executive type gifts.

For your “Techie” associates consider a selection from our Blue Tooth smart watches which make it possible to dial or receive calls and play music on your smart phone.  We also have a fitness tracking watch and a watch to record your activity levels.  Now any of these would be a unique gift to put a smile on your Techie and health conscious faces.

Silicone Promotional Watches A Fantastic Gift For A Target Audience

We have all kinds of silicone promotional watches priced to be big crowd pleasers at a trade show,  or larger crowd event. These inexpensive giveaway type of promotional watches are quality constructed from durable silicone material.  They visibly display digital time and often the date and have a button cell battery included.  Each has a significant imprint location for your brand or logo.  Our silicone watches are available in a host of colors to match or complement your company colors, logo, slogan or message.  We have the popular black and white plus primary Red, Yellow and Blue plus pink, maroon, orange, green, and purple even more in some styles.

Our silicone promotional watches have many features.  Some include an LED on a digital watch with a mirrored face.  It displays seconds, minutes, hours, and dates.  They Includes button cell battery and displays your logo on the watch face or band. There are mood watches that change color as the heat of your hand changes and it too displays the date and time in seconds and best of all for ease of distribution, they are a one size fits all promotional watches. We also have a water resistant very economical sporty looking style unique in design, easy to read that really works well for water related activities and events. Or consider a souvenir promotional digital watch for a trade show event, a company outing, a sporting event, and with names and dates for anniversary and birthday party memory gifts and what a nice way to remember a family reunion with the family name and date.   We have many more colorful styles in the silicone type watches some of which are water resistant and some have attractive features for the athletes. Constructed in uniquely contemporary designs that prove to be eye catching and useful.

Promotional Watches Stand The Test Of Time

Give us a call, if it’s a promotional watch you’re looking for we are bound to have it and our price will blow you away.  It will beat the competition!

Promotional watches are fantastic promotional items. No stone has gone unturned when it comes to marketing your business. With millions of items to choose from, we have everything you need to advertise your business, including items that you didn’t even know you could put your brand name on, just take a look at the promotional watches for an example. Check out our selection of practical, professional and wacky items that all work toward the common goal of promoting your brand to as many people possible. Luckily, promotional watches fall into all three categories; they are useful, they look sharp and we have a lot of unique options that are available and ready to get the attention of hundreds of people every day.

Don’t Forget The Kids For Promotional Watches

In some areas of the United States the rain can be a constant and steady occurrence. For example, did you know that in some parts of the Pacific Northwest it rains, on average, for just about 50% of the year? Sometimes even more! That’s just one reason why promotional waterproof watches are a great item to invest in. Because waterproof promotional watches are designed to be used outside (though we’re certain that promotional watches are great indoors!), you can be certain that you will come across a great many people that will notice your logo. Better yet, you will come across a great many people who haven’t before seen your brand. And that is a good thing, because everybody is a potential client when it comes to business. You never know who will see your logo while in need of services you offer. And you never know when your company name will pop in to someone’s mind at just the right time.

Promotional watches are small, and because of such they have a spacious nice area. That means that your logo will be front and center and is sure to never be missed..

The great thing about promotional products is that advertising experts agree that the more mundane items work the best at advertising a business. So save your money on the big, fancy billboards and reach your clients by using items like promotional watches. They work so well because consumers are much more likely to trust the word of mouth of a friend or acquaintance before blindly trusting a brand they don’t know. Plus, just coming into contact with a brand one time starts that relationship of trust and familiarity.

Custom promotional watches are the way to go. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your clients!