Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055

Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055

Big Jake With Button Top and Basic Blades Screwdrivers 2055

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Color(s): White, Blue, Yellow, Black, Clear, Translucent Yellow, Translucent Red, Red, Translucent Green, Translucent Blue
Manufacturer: Alexander
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Imprint Size: Handle 2.00" L x 1.25" H
E-Proof Fee: $15
Setup Fee: $50.00

Product Description

Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055

Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055, 25 per cent larger handle than original Pocket Partner. 19 tool top and 4 blade options for specialized applications. Handy pocket clip. Call for pricing on the options.

Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055 And So Many Excellent Affordable Choices

It is possible that the humble screwdriver is probably the most used tool in the world, although there is no evidence to prove that. It’s just that screwdrivers are incredibly useful, incredibly popular and very portable. Most screwdrivers are pretty typical in their design. The tips vary according to the type of screw they are made to fit. For instance, a flat head screwdriver is meant mainly for flat head screws and Phillips cross head screwdrivers are only made to fit cross head screws. However, there are similar cross head screws called ‘Frearson’ screws, whose shape is much like the plus sign. There are also hex head screws, with hexagonal heads to fit screws whose heads have a hexagonal indent. Most modern handles are made from either hard rubber, plastic or thermoplastic rubber, but some are still made with a wooden handle as in the early days of the screwdriver.

Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055 Quality And Affordability For Large Crowd Pleasers

It is rumored that the screw driver was actually invented in either France or Germany somewhere during the 15th century. Later, between 1850 and 1900, HD Smith & Company made the ‘perfect handle’ for many screwdrivers, until they quit business. In their place, other worldwide manufacturers adopted the same style of handle for their screwdrivers. Modern screwdriver handles are made for comfort, in that they have ridges to allow the fingers to better grip the handle and get better torque while driving the screw into its home, or removing it. The Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055 has a large easy to grip handle.

Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055 And Styles For Special Needs

Pocket screwdrivers now come in many shapes and sizes and many also have inline nuts at the blades top, so that open wrenches or ridge spanners can be used, as well as interchangeable heads and small sockets. Many other pocket screwdrivers are also designed with the blades at a right angle to the handle. This gives the user a chance to work in more confined spaces and still be able to function well enough to loosen or tighten a screw. Older screwdrivers were also designed as ratcheting Pocket Partner Reversible Blade, Button Tops / Reversible Blade, Screwdrivers. The ratchet works like a gear wheel with teeth to prevent movement at a certain point. The direction is set by pushing a clip either forward or backward and the gear wheel then switches to either screw a screw in or take it out. The downside of the ratchet screwdriver is that the movement can only work as far as the teeth are spaced apart and it can hamper the actions, but many are now built with small teeth, hence a better movement.  The Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055 is usefully handy the right choice for a multitude of everyday tasks.

Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055 A Great And Reasonable Marketing Inventory Builder

Big Jake Screwdrivers 2055 are ideal as free gifts or complementary offers to new customers and clients at your business. Promotional screwdrivers can be easily and cheaply printed with your company logo or colors, and given away to your visitors at trade shows or exhibitions. It is easy to get your name on a selected promotional screwdriver by calling us and getting the lowest market prices available and all the info you will need.