Camouflage Cap 1025E

Camouflage Cap 1025E

Camouflage Cap 1025E

Price includes up to 7,000 stitches

Quantity: 96 144 288 25,000
Price: 6.09 5.91 5.75 4.6
SKU: Hit-1025E

Color(s): Smokey Branch (Green/Brown) with Matching Eyelets and Sandwich or Smokey Branch (Green/Brown) with Orange Eyelets and Sandwich.
Manufacturer: Hit
Imprint Method:
Imprint Size: 4 1/2" W x 2 1/8" H
E-Proof Fee: $15.00
Setup Fee: $50.00

Product Description

Camouflage Cap 1025E

Camouflage Cap 1025E   100 Percent Cotton Twill    6 Panel Low Profile Unstructured Crown and Pre Curved Visor   Adjustable Self Material Strap With Velcro Closure.

Camouflage Cap 1025E  Camo has Become Highly Fashionable

Camouflage is from the French word ‘camoufl’ meaning to disguise or hide. The verb ‘camouflage’ means to use deception or disguise in order to conceal oneself. Camouflage has been used for many thousands of years in various walks of life. In zoology animals use camouflage to conceal themselves in dangerous situations and for protection from predators. In 1859 Charles Darwin referred to it in his book. ‘The Origin of the Species’ and his theory of natural selection as an evolutionary process by which animals could hide when danger was approaching.  He also noted that those animals were able to keep more of their offspring safe to reproduce the species.   Checkout our modern day Camouflage Cap 1025E.  Its a fashion statement in this day and age and an extremely HOT promotional product.

Camouflage Cap 1025E Budget Friendly Trade Show Hit

During the time of the ancient Greeks, ships were camouflaged so that they could not be detected in open waters. For instance, pirate ships would be painted blue/gray in order to melt into the watery background and remain unseen by their prey.  However, once the military did adopt the idea it became vital for survival. Riflemen would dress in colors that concealed them against the background. During 1885 the British Indian Army adopted the khaki colored uniform along with the British Army, but the same idea was not adopted fully in Europe until the second world war.  From their humble beginnings Our Camouflage Cap 1025E is now considered big time fashion and a popular promotional gift,  handout, prize, incentive award or company event handout.

Camouflage uniforms do not only conceal each individual soldier, but also identifies a friend from a foe. The uniforms were designed with a specific pattern only worn by one particular army, so that each soldier could pick out their own team members without shooting them in error. There are various types of camouflage used by one army for different situations. Desert uniforms, for instance, will have sandy colored patterns, using light green, beige, and gray, whereas a jungle situation would call for dark green, brown and olive green, to blend in with the natural surroundings. Even vehicles are camouflaged with similar markings so that they will not be seen during combat situations. Tanks, jeeps, planes and other military vehicles are disguised as well as the soldiers who work them.

Camouflage Cap 1025E A Budget Friendly Camo With Quality, Style, and Affordability

The popularity of camouflage has given way to a new fashion industry, for clothing to appear similar to those of army fatigues. Camouflage caps, jackets, trousers and boots are worn by people in civilian life as regular clothing nowadays. Camouflage caps like Camouflage Cap 1025E are probably the most popular, along  with jackets, but caps are universal and can fit anyone. Your branding will be meticulously embroidered most commonly on the front panels and is the first thing to notice as one approaches. Many companies use camouflage caps as a  promotion product when attending an expo or trade show. They are cheap to produce and easy to print with your own company logo and colors. For the lowest market prices on Camouflage Cap 1025E, get in touch with us and we will give you all the information you require.