Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700

Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700
Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700










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    Manufacturer: Aakron
    Imprint Method:
    Imprint Size: Maximum logo and text height is 1/2 inches. The imprint length is 34 inches and may include logos as well as custom text. The first 80 characters of straight line text being typeset is free Over 80 characters and spaces
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    Product Description

    Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700

    Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 is a proven winner. Special features designed into this promotional walking stick  yardstick keep it among our favorites as a popular Promotional Products. The Walking sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 unique length is especially handy when planning furniture placement in a restricted area and is helpful when measuring those overhead or hard to reach locations, and for a straight edge when hanging pictures and many other uses, a great home show giveaway.

    Walking sticks clear lacquer finish 92700  measures at  1/4″ x 1-3/4″ x 48″. Yes, four feet long and that extra foot can be just what’s needed to get a job done. Straight line message copy is limited to 120 characters and spaces and up to 7/8″ high, custom logos available. It has several scaling options. It can be imprinted with English scale on both sides or metric scale on both sides, it can have English and Metric on both sides. Don’t forget that the standard promotional yardsticks are a great option as well.

    Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700

    We appreciate your browsing our site. If you are not finding what you’re looking for, check with our staff. Many years of experience qualifies our Marketing staff to assist in your yardsticks or product selection, message placement, and offer assurance your product meets the event schedule at industry best pricing.

    Walking Stick Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 are used at trade shows, Hunting and Fishing show and , Furniture stores as giveaways, along with other promotional events. Check out the Best Selling Yardsticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92999

    Time after time custom Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 have demonstrated themselves to be a staple promotional item that have helped thousands of companies build success and show client appreciation. Clients want to know that you care, and that you have their best interests in mind. By giving them walking sticks you can show them that quality is as important to you as your award-winning service!

    Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700

    Let’s face it – nowadays times are tough for a lot of businesses. Companies are looking for effective ways to gain new clientele while maintaining the client base that is currently keeping them afloat. There are thousands of promotional products available – and each of them has their own merits – but the fantastic thing about promotional walking sticks is that they have literally passed the test of time. With almost ten decades of success, they have been the go-to product for a myriad of industries – from craft stores to school teachers. Plus, their durability guarantees that they will continue to pass the test of time for another 100 years to come. So if you are looking to put your brand on an item that is a proven winner, a promotional Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 is what you are looking for. See our main site at Save on Promotional Products.com.

    Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700

    Apart from great service, clients simply want to know that you care about them. Promotional giveaways are a great way to let your customers know that you are thankful for their business and that you are willing to give them something in return as a token of gratitude. Whether you are a hardware store that gives one out to every customer who buys your products, or an engineering firm interested in drumming up new business, these Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 are an excellent way to promote your company or product while appreciating those who have helped you make it to the top. Trust us, that appreciation goes a long way. And as you work on building those solid relationships, you will see a large return on such a small, thoughtful investment.

    Our customers tell us that one of their favorite things about these promotional Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 is that they have a spacious imprinting area. You’ll have plenty of room for that quirky pun, meaningful quote, company motto, or the traditional company contact information and logo. Whatever you decide to print, you can rest assured that that final product will reflect positively on your company and be a gateway to bringing more consumers to your front door. Take a look at what some of our customers have chosen Heavy Duty Yardsticks Natural Finish 90777 or the Natural finish walking sticks

    Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700

    From Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 to natural wood, no matter what type of Walking Sticks Clear Lacquer Finish 92700 you are looking for, you will find an option available that meets your needs. Whether you work for a church, school, start-up company or a well-established corporation, keep your promotional yardsticks and walking sticks handy to give out to your clients as you see fit. They will tell their friends about your useful gift and promote your business for you. Let your walking sticks or promotional yardsticks do all the work and contact us today!